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Scenarios for providing multiple ecosystem services and biodiversity in viticultural landscapes (SECBIVIT)
In agroecosystems, many ecosystem services need to be balanced to achieve sustainable development goals and Aichi biodiversity targets.
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Social inclusion and energy management for informal urban settlements
A project of Capacity Building in Higher Education funded under the European Commission's Erasmus+ Program.
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Empowering climate resilience
CARE addresses one of the most urgent topics in EU and Latin America by focussing on a holistic and common approach to urban resilience.
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SALTISolutions | NWO
SALTISolutions; Salt intrusion through urbanising deltas: Solutions
Sea level rise, drought, subsidence, and dredging of waterways can exacerbate the intrusion of seawater in deltas and estuaries, with repercussions for, for example, nature and drinking water supply.
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The grand challenge the world will face in the coming decades will undoubtedly be dealing with climate change.
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EO4SD Marine Resources Management
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UNDP Tajikistan
Risk Assessment of six natural hazards on the district level in Tajikistan
The assessment carried out in this project will help to generate the baselines for disaster risk reduction programming in all districts across Tajikistan.
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Sensors, empowerment, accountability in Tanzania
So there you are for the third day in a row, standing at the village pump with your jerry cans, but there is no water to be had. Or only polluted water, or dirty water that is much too expensive.
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Emergency response and relief for internally displaced people
The humanitarian response to the military operation around Mosul in Iraq was one of the most complex in the world. For WHO Iraq safeguarding adequate access to secondary health care (with contingency
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Information services for vegetable farmers in Indonesia
Remote sensing and communication technology are used to provide farmers with information that helps them to take appropriate management decisions on their farms. Aiming for small vegetable farmers, in
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Mau Mara Serengeti sustainable water initiative
Developments in the watershed of the Mara river in Kenya are leading to erratic water availability in the area. This seriously threatens socio-economic development and complicates agriculture and wild
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Tanzania - Netherlands Energy Project
Tanzanian - Dutch energy capacity building project
The shortage of well trained and skilled personnel slows down the development of the Tanzanian energy sector. ITC is working with three knowledge institutions to help solve this shortage and boost the
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Strengthening the regional EALAN network to build capacity in land administration and land governance in the great lakes region
The SEALAN project is supporting the East African Land Administration Network in becoming better equipped and more effective in supporting land administration, and governance and the access to land by
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Data driven modeling and decision support for slums
Millions of people living in slums face inadequate shelter, poor sanitation, insecure tenure, insufficient access to health care and in general poor quality of life. Better understanding of how slums
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Ethiopian education network to support agricultural transformation
Together with three Ethiopian universities, ITC is upgrading curricula and staff resources to support the agricultural transformation agenda of the Government.
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Geothermal capacity building programme Indonesia-Netherlands
The GEOCAP project is a collaboration program between Indonesian and Dutch institutions aiming to develop geothermal programmes for education and training, research and private sector involvement.
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Agricultural water and land productivity in Africa and the near east
As part of the FRAME project a consortium led by eLEAF is using remote sensing data to develop an operational open-access database to monitor water, agricultural water and land productivity.
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Geospatial technology for land tenure security in East Africa
In many countries land ownership and land rights are not registered, and 70 % is not recognized. The its4land project aims to develop innovative methods and tools to map land rights and support land t
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IFM Kampala
Integrated flood management - Kampala
Flash floods are a serious and recurring problem in Kampala. Though these floods do not generally have a very long duration they do cause major disruptions and they entail high economic and social cos
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Technological and methodological solutions for integrated wide area situation awareness and survivor localization to support search and rescue teams
INACHUS focuses on the development of methodologies to provide increasingly detailed and refined information to urban search and rescue forces following a crisis/ disaster event.
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Integrated water resources action plan program
The Lake Naivasha basin is diverse both in terms of ecosystems and economic activities, all of which depend on having enough water of good quality. Over the last 30 years the basin has undergone seve
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Geodata for Innovative Agricultural Credit Insurance Schemes
A remote sensing-based insurance system developed by ITC helps Ethiopian farmers to become less vulnerable to weather and climate-related risks. Insuring agricultural inputs brings the farmers closer
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Caribbean handbook for disaster information management
The Caribbean region is often hit by natural disasters, causing massive damage and economic loss. In order to better prepare local government agencies a program was developed to build capacity in Min
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Changing hydro-meteorological risks – as analyzed by a new generation of European scientists
17 young scientists from all over the world were brought together under the CHANGES project to do research on a wide range of aspects of multi-hazard risk assessment, and at the same time building a h
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Agricultural improvement in emerging economies
STARS is a research project which is looking for ways to use remote sensing technology to improve agricultural practices in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.
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Building inclusive urban communities
One of the Sustainable Development Goals is ‚ÄúSustainable Cities and Communities‚ÄĚ. The BINUCOM project contributes to this Goal by supporting four universities in India to deliver qualified architects.
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AfriAlliance for Water and Climate
A network of African-European water-related organizations initiated the AfriAlliance to prepare Africa for future climate change challenges.
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Exploring fluorescence and pigment reflectance as methods to estimate photosynthesis with remote sensors
This project assesses the added value of two new indicators of photosynthesis observed from space: solar induced chlorophyll fluorescence (SIF) and the photochemical reflectance index (PRI).
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OWAS1S - Optimizing Water Availability with Sentinel-1 Satellites
Optimizing Water Availability with Sentinel-1 Satellites
The OWAS1S project accommodates three PhD positions focusing on (1) the exploitation of the freely available Sentinel-1 imagery, (2) the translation of surface soil moisture data to the value-added pr
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Stimulating Innovation for Global Monitoring of Agriculture
SIGMA will investigate and develop methods that make use of operational remote sensing data from the European Copernicus Global Land Services.
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Technology Innovation for Sewer Condition Assessment
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SMAP Freeze-Thaw
Modelling Freeze-Thaw Processes with Active and Passive Microwave Observations
In this project, we aim to advance our knowledge on the presence of soil water under frozen conditions through observing and modeling the physical processes during freeze-thaw cycles using SMAP observ
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Training on Remote Sensing for Ecosystem Modelling
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Building Resilient Urban Communities
Building Resilient Urban Communities (BReUCom). A project funded under EU Erasmus+ Program in the field of Capacity Building in Higher Education.
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Informal Economies and Creative Industries Strategies (INECIS) Governance arrangements, socio-spatial dynamics and informal economies in urban kampungs in Indonesia.
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Innovation on Remote Sensing Education and Learning
The objective is to develop a Learning Management System for remote sensing education for two Asian countries: China and Thailand.
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Challenge-Based Learning for UAV Photogrammetry Education
This study aims to implement and deliver guidelines on how to adopt CBL in an educational framework for teaching Geospatial education.
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