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Population growth is leading to increasing demands for food and hence claiming more land for food production. This process has thrown many developing countries into a poverty trap characterized by expansion of agriculture into marginal lands, land degradation and declining yields. Programmes or projects that address these issues require timely and reliable (spatial) information on:

Major projects

STARS is a unique research project that aims to use earth observation techniques in African and Asian countries to help improve existing information and decision support system in smallholder farming.

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A remote sensing-based insurance system developed by ITC helps Ethiopian farmers to become less vulnerable to weather and climate-related risks. Insuring agricultural inputs brings the farmers closer to achieving a stable sustainable income, that in-turn stimulate making required investments.

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Together with three Ethiopian universities, ITC is upgrading curricula and staff resources to support the agricultural transformation agenda of the Government. This is not a project-based activity but it is long-term cooperation based on mutual interest.

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At ITC, we focus on fundamental and problem-solving research where spatial information can make a real difference. 

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ITC is known to be one of the top institutes worldwide in the field of Geo-information science and earth observation. At ITC, we train students to engineer approaches for designing future-oriented solutions to the world's biggest challenges. We encourage our students to participate in public-private partnership projects initiated by ITC and other organizations.

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