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Scholarships to study at ITC

Become a high-skilled geospatial professional

Receiving a scholarship to study abroad can be a life-changing experience. Some of the world's best and brightest have had the opportunity to discover endless possibilities through scholarships.

The Faculty ITC of the University of Twente aims to attract students to its international classrooms who are eager to engage with what is happening in the world and use their skills to make our planet more sustainable. Therefore, it has established several scholarship programmes specifically designed to offer talented and motivated international students from developing countries the opportunity to pursue an MSc degree at ITC in the Netherlands in Spatial Engineering or Geo-information Science and Earth Observation.

Meet our scholars

The story of
Helina (Nepal)

To strengthen my professional background, I have always wanted to pursue an international postgraduate degree in the field of geo-information, and the excellent recommendations from ITC alumni in Nepal who are leading the geospatial sector paved my journey to the Faculty ITC.

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Mohammad (Iran)

The ITC faculty is a great choice for me to deepen my knowledge in the environmental field. Studying abroad is a new academic journey with some challenging issues, but I found it a new chance to promote my professional academic situation which gives me a chance to build my international network.

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Azza (Indonesia)

Thanks to the ITC scholarship, I am now studying at one of the most well-known geospatial institutions globally, gaining knowledge that bridges the gap between technical capabilities and real-world applications. 

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Raymond (Ghana)

The future already looks exciting and promising with the quality education that I am receiving here in ITC. My future plan is to own a geospatial consulting company, which will give vital and valid geospatial advise to stakeholders in the field of natural resources management across the globe.

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Kaan (Türkiye)

Combining my bachelor's knowledge with GIS was a great decision. This consideration led me to choose to study at the Faculty ITC, one of the best faculties in this field.

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Mariya (India)

I was drawn by ITC's reputation for excellence and its emphasis on applying technology to address real-world problems. Receiving the ITC Scholarship for Spatial Engineering, opened a door full of opportunities. The scholarship not only helped me financially but also developed a sense of responsibility to contribute meaningfully to the field.

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David (Colombia)

Thanks to the ITC Excellence Scholarship, I have had the privilege of studying at one of the top faculties globally, surrounded by diverse perspectives and research. This opportunity has not only broadened my academic horizons but also challenged me to focus my efforts on the most impactful aspects of disaster risk management.

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Scholarship programmes

Below we have listed some of the scholarship programmes for ITC programmes.

  • Colfuturo

    Colfuturo and the University of Twente provide a shared financing programme to strengthen bilateral cooperation. The programme is for talented Colombians interested in a Master's programme at the University of Twente, within the framework of a Joint Graduate Loan-Scholarship programme.


    About CONAPE

    CONAPE is an institution that offers loans to students so that they can fulfil their dream of becoming professionals. They have loans available for short courses, technical courses, high school, bachelor's degrees, postgraduate degrees, extensions and equipment. 

    Learn more about CONAPE

  • ITC Excellence Scholarship Programme

    The Faculty ITC provides a limited number of partial scholarships to candidates for the MSc programme in Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation and the MSc programme in Spatial Engineering. 

    More information can be found here

  • Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme

    The Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme aims at increasing the number of people specialized on the fields related to the EU acquis and hence supporting Turkey’s administrative capacity building efforts for the effective implementation of the EU acquis.

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Check with your Ministry of Education to see if they have scholarships available. For instance, for Nigerians, there is the TETfund, for Ghanese the GETfund, and if you are Indian, you can check this governmental website.

Have you ever considered the possibility of a study loan? This might be the opportunity for you to join us at ITC. 

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How to prepare for a scholarship application?

  • Do your research

    To avoid putting pressure on yourself and trying to apply for that scholarship you desperately want at the last minute, start your research early.  

  • Check if you are eligible

    Another important element you want to consider early on is finding out what scholarships you are actually eligible for - because you will not be eligible for them all.

  • Get accepted first

    Before you can apply for a scholarship you should be fully admitted to the University. Apply online through the university website.

  • Include all required information

    Make sure you have all of the information that the scholarship provider has requested of you in your application.

  • Don't miss the deadline

    Remember, late applications won't usually be considered. Applying for a scholarship can be a quite an endeavour so start early!

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