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TimelineFrom October 2016 to 14 October 2019
Funded byErasmus+ Programme of the European Union
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SES helps Ethiopian cities to solve problems related to housing poor urban communities by supporting these communities rather than evicting them from their informal settlements. In offering alternatives for sustainable management and prosperous development of low income living quarters SES contributes to prevent further migration as creating livable residential areas forrms the most crucial basis for upward social mobility of the affected poor urban communities.

The objectives include:

  • improved capacity of HEIs to jointly develop and publish indigenous case studies and course descriptions with stakeholders and other HEIs
  • interdisciplinary research which helps to overcome disciplinary silos in addressing issues of urban development
  • transdisciplinary research for the involvement of local communities and public administration
  • courses teaching students at Bachelor and Master level to do time based spatial, socio-economic analysis of current informal settlements, potentials for green energy supply and management tools to guarantee its implementation and applications, govermental housing interventions and their impacts on several case study neighborhoods in Ethiopian partner HEIs’ respective home cities (Addis Ababa, Mekelle and Gondar).
  • non-university courses teaching professionals about inclusive urban community development * improved capacity of HEIs to interact with public authorities, social communities and NGOs

Contact persons

dr. J.A. Martinez (Javier)
Project leader
J.A. Horn MPhil (John)
Project officer