Become a high-skilled geospatial professional
TimelineFrom January 2019 to 14 January 2022
CountriesAustria, India, Netherlands
Funded byErasmus+ Programme of the European Union
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Increased frequency of natural hazards and sea level rise are expected impacts of climate change in India. Marginalized urban settlements are often vulnerable to disaster due to their location in hazardous areas and the use of non-durable building materials, already today their inhabitants are therefore strongly affected by climate change. But amidst strives to meet climate targets, the poor’s needs are mostly overlooked.

In this context, there is an urgent need for paradigmatic shift in the education of graduate students in spatial planning and design as well as training of urban professionals from different backgrounds in order to confront upcoming challenges related to climate change impacts on urban informal settlements.

The BReUCom project conceives and pilots postgraduate short term Professional Development Programs (PDPs) targeted at real world problems. 

BReUCom will:

BReUCom is implemented by a consortium led by Danube University Krems (Austria) and includes the following partners

Professional Development Programs (PDPs)

Urban professionals from different backgrounds and different previous educational attainments display differing needs for in depth knowledge, specialization and training in the sphere of urban resilience to climate change. Professional Development Programs for these groups are therefore developed within the framework of BReUCom.

The concept of lifelong and extra occupational learning is relatively new in India. It needs to be conditioned and formatted for Indian professionals in the context of urban resilience studies via the development and pilot implementation of PDPs.

Syllabi of these Professional Development Programs related to urban resilience, which contain up to date and locally relevant knowledge are documented in extensive descriptions following MIT’s OpenCourseWare model. Each of these descriptions contains the same structural elements (summary, syllabus, readings, lecture notes, assignments) and therefore renders a clear cut picture of each program in a standardized manner. They can serve as a model for implementation of similar programs around the globe.

All PDPs run bei BReUCom partner institutions are announced on a dedicated portal and personalized training schemes (comprising of different PDP modules) can be conceived for each participant by the project team in an individual assessment process. For more information visit

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dr. J.A. Martinez
Project leader