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TimelineStarted October 2019
ThemeWater management
Funded byNWO (Perspectief Programme)
More infohttps://www.nwo.nl/en/researchprogrammes/perspectief/perspectief-programmes/saltisolutions

SALTISolutions; Salt intrusion through urbanising deltas: Solutions

Sea level rise, drought, subsidence, and dredging of waterways can exacerbate the intrusion of seawater in deltas and estuaries, with repercussions for, for example, nature and drinking water supply. The large NWO-Perspectief funded research programme SALTISolutions (led by TU Delft) aims to gain insight in the mechanisms of salt water intrusion, and investigates potential measures to mitigate the effects of salinity intrusion, including nature-based solutions. The programme aims to develop a digital twin of a delta, to test new solutions related to salinity intrusion based on research, and in interaction with stakeholders.

In our PhD subproject as part of SALTISolutions (i.e., WP7.2: Implications of nature-based SALTISolutions for estuarine ecosystem engineering), we study the potential effects of such nature-based solutions on estuarine services, such as habitat provision and safety from flooding, on top of the ability of these measures to mitigate salinity intrusion. We focus our work on understanding solutions involving ecosystem engineers, i.e. organisms (such as saltmarsh plants and oysters) that have the ability to modify their physical environment. We take a combined approach of hydrodynamical modelling and remote sensing.

This subproject is a collaboration between the Faculty of Engineering Technology, group Marine and Fluvial Systems (Prof.dr. S. Hulscher and dr.ir. B. Borsje) and the Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), Dept Water Resources (Prof.dr. D. van der Wal) of the University of Twente.

Please see for more information on the SALTISolutions research programme and involved research institutes and stakeholders: SALTISolutions | NWO

Staff Involved

Contact persons

prof.dr. D. van der Wal
Project leader
dr. D.C. Chavarro Rincon
Project officer
Global impact
Water management

Many of the world’s major environmental concerns have to do with water. Potable water is getting increasingly scarce, which makes it a valuable resource to be managed wisely. Extreme weather causes excessive flooding which can often be prevented with proper by interventions. Pollution of valuable water resources and the status of precious wetlands deserve close monitoring.

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