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ThemeDisaster management
Funded byEU – Marie Curie Initial Training Network
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The CHANGES network (Changing Hydro-meteorological Risks – as Analyzed by a New Generation of European Scientists) aimed to develop an advanced understanding of how global changes (related to environmental and climate change as well as socio-economical change) will affect the temporal and spatial patterns of hydro-meteorological hazards and associated risks in Europe; how these changes can be assessed, modelled, and incorporated in sustainable risk management strategies, focusing on spatial planning, emergency preparedness and risk communication. High-level training facilities as well as scientific and technological excellence were provided to the researchers in the field of hazard and risk management.

With activities and research divided over 5 work packages CHANGES developed knowledge on multi-hazard risk assessment, aiming for increased awareness and better policy development. Overall objectives of the project were to enhance the cooperation between knowledge institutions in this field across Europe, and to build scientific attitude in young researchers with respect to societal relevance and openness to other disciplines.

A spatial decision support system was developed to integrate the results of all research into a coherent planning support methodology. Materials were made available through an internet-based platform

Contact persons

prof.dr. C.J. van Westen
Project leader
dr. D. Alkema
Project officer
Global impact
Disaster management

Our exposure and vulnerability to extreme events - including both natural and human-induced hazards - continue to increase. Worldwide the impact of disasters is rapidly growing. At ITC, experts work to integrate hazard assessment and disaster risk management into strategic planning and sustainable development.

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