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It may be one, 10 or even 60 years since they left, but ITC’s former students still have a strong bond with the Institute and the Netherlands, and still keep in touch with ITC and friends from their student days.

ITC alumni belong to a worldwide community of over 20,000 individuals, who together form an extensive network of international contacts, a network that includes United Nations organisations, universities, research groups, resources survey and map production services, and various international professional associations.

Alumni NEWs

Alumni services
ITC News Magazine

ITC News is a quarterly magazine primarily focused on ITC's alumni.

It informs alumni but also ITC's client organisations and other interested relations about the developments that take place at ITC in the field of policy, research, education, project services, partnerships, and alumni, student and staff matters.

Alumni Who's Who

In the Alumni Who's Who, you can find the email addresses of your fellow course mates who have an ITC alumni account. If you cannot find the person you are looking for please contact the alumni offce at

To start looking for your classmates!

Please note: You can only enter the Alumni Who's Who when you have an ITC alumni account yourself. 

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ITC Alumni Associations

The mission of the ITC alumni associations is to enable ITC alumni all over the world to build personal networks and share knowledge, ideas and experience with fellow alumni.

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Alumni from all over the world provide testimonials of how ITC has changed their lives.

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Refresher courses

Refresher courses are organised for alumni in their home countries or regions and are meant to increase the impact and prolong the effect of earlier training.

These courses are open to alumni in these and neighbouring countries who completed any NFP-funded training or education programme at least two years before the scheduled starting date of the course concerned.

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The pressure at ITC has hardened me to the point that nothing is impossible to me however challenging it may be.Michael Mutuku Mwania

Alumni Services
ILWIS Software

ILWIS is a remote sensing and GIS software which integrates image, vector and thematic data in one unique and powerful package on the desktop. It is developed by ITC up to version 3.3. which was released in 2005.

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Legalzing your Diploma

It may be necessary to prove the legal status of your diploma. For example for use in your home country, immigration or if you would like to continue your studies outside the Netherlands, you will have to be able to provide a legalised educational document (your diploma or certificate). The legalization can only be done in the country you achieved your diploma or certificate. For legalization of an educational diploma or certificate obtained in The Netherlands you need to go to the Education Executive Agency (DUO) of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) in Groningen.  

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Transcripts of your Diploma

Submit your request for a transcript of your ITC Degree, Diploma or Certificate

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ArcGIS software

Under an agreement between Faculty ITC and ESRI Redlands USA , full-time and sandwich Ph.D. researchers, as well as students following a Master of Science, Master, Postgraduate Diploma or Diploma Course graduated after 2000, are entitled to receive free ESRI ArcGIS software at the time of graduation.

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Statement of Alumni

When applying for a job, Phd and or other future endeavors you might need a statement saying you were a student at ITC. You might need proof that the course you participated in was taught in English. You might even need a statement saying you graduated with outstanding marks and/or you were active with extra curriculum activities during your stay in the Netherlands. For all of these reasons (and many  more) an alumni statement can be made for you when you are an alumnus of ITC.

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