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What's the Master's Geo-information Science and Earth Observation about?

The mission of the ITC alumni associations is to enable ITC alumni all over the world to build personal networks and share knowledge, ideas, and experience with fellow alumni. 

If you would like to join an Association, please find the contact information below or contact the ITC alumni coordinator. If you cannot find an alumni association in your country and you would like to connect with fellow ITC alumni in your region please contact the ITC alumni office as well.  

Jorien Terlouw, ITC Alumni Coordinator
“For more information about ITC Alumni Associations or interested in starting an association in your country send an email to: alumni-itc@utwente.nl”
Jorien Terlouw, ITC Alumni Coordinator

ITC Alumni Associations in Africa: 

ITC Alumni Associations in Asia:   

  • Bangladesh

    ITC Alumni Association Bangladesh

    Md. Billal Hossain
    Department of Environment
    E-16 Agargaon
    Dhaka - 1207
    T: 88-02-9112489 (OFF)
    Mobile:  01716157306
    E:mdbhossain@yahoo.com; hossain02560@alumni.itc.nlassociation-bangladesh@alumni.itc.nl

  • China

    ITC Alumni Association China (IAAC)

    Mr. Chang Zheng (secretary general)
    T: +86 13701390177
    E: itc-china@utwente.nl

  • Egypt

    ITC Alumni Association of Egypt

    Rania A.F. Sabrah
    Misr El Gedida
    Cairo, EGYPT
    T: + 2 123628330
    E: association-egypt@alumni.itc.nl

  • India

    ITC Alumni Association of India

    Prof. Dr. Mahavir 
    Professor of Planning and Head of Centre for Remote Sensing 
    c/o School of Planning and Architecture 
    4-B, I. P. Estate 
    New Delhi 110002, INDIA
    T: + 91 11 23702378 / 23702375 80 (office)
    F: + 91 11 23702383 (office)
    E: association-india@alumni.itc.nl

  • Indonesia

    ITC Alumni Association of Indonesia

    Chairman : Mr. Ridwan Djamaluddin
    Secretary : Mr. Syarif Budhiman
    BPPT Gedung 1 Lantai 20
    Jl. MH Thamrin no. 8
    Jakarta 10340, INDONESIA
    T: +62 21 3168914
    F: +62 21 3918066
    E: association-indonesia@alumni.itc.nl
    I: www.itc-alumni.or.id

  • Mongolia

    ITC Alumni Association of Mongolia

    Mrs. D. Narantuya
    P.O. Box 758
    Ulaanbaatar 210646, MONGOLIA
    T: +976 99187780
    E: association-mongolia@alumni.itc.nl

  • Nepal

    ITC Alumni Association of Nepal

    c/o G.P.O. Box 9046
    Kathmandu, NEPAL 
    T: +977 1 251625 / 482903
    F: +977 482957
    E: itcalumninepal@gmail.com 

  • Pakistan

    ITC Alumni Association of Pakistan

    Mr. Falak Nawaz
    National Centre of Excellence in Geology
    University of Peshawar, PAKISTAN 
    T: +92 91 9216427 / 9216429
    E: association-pakistan@alumni.itc.nl

  • Philippines

    ITC Alumni Association Philippines 

    Coordinator: Regina S. Reyes
    CERTEZA Surveying & Aerophoto Systems Inc.
    Quezon City, PHILIPPINES 
    T: +632 8955002
    E: association-philippines@alumni.itc.nl

  • Thailand

    Netherlands Alumni Association of Thailand

    Mrs. Parida Kuneepong
    T: +66-(0)81-9299197
    E: mona191133@gmail.com

  • United Arab Emirates

    ITC Alumni Association of United Arab Emirates

    Mr. Amir Zeb Khan
    University of the United Arab Emirates
    Department of Geography
    P.O. Box 17771
    E: association-unitedarabemirates@alumni.itc.nl

  • Vietnam

    ITC Alumni Association of Vietnam

    Mr. Tran Nhu Trung
    Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
    Project Consultancy Division
    6-N7 NGO 90 Nguyentuan Thanh Xuan
    Hanoi, VIETNAM
    E: association-vietnam@alumni.itc.nl

ITC Alumni Associations in North and South America: 

  • Bolivia

    ITC Alumni Association of Bolivia

    Mr. Ronald Job Vargas Rojas
    Fortin Conchitas st #866
    Cochabamba, BOLIVIA
    T: +591 4 4282445 (home) / +591 4 4540750 (office)
    F: +591 4 4256551
    E: association-bolivia@alumni.itc.nl

  • Canada

    ITC Alumni Association of Canada

    Mr. Rex Camit
    5652 Whistler Crescent 
    Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA L4Z 3R8 
    T: +1 905 501 9601 
    E: association-canada@alumni.itc.nl 
    I: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ITCAlumniCanada/

  • Ecuador

    ITC Alumni Association of Ecuador

    Mr. Paul Arellano Mora
    Yachay Tech
    School of Geological Sciences and Engineering
    Hacienda San José s/n - Proyecto Yachay
    San Miguel de Urcuquí - Ecuador
    E: parellano@yachaytech.edu.ec

  • Nicaragua

    ITC Alumni Association of Nicaragua

    Mrs. S. Mejia Mendoza MSc
    P.O. Box OR-22
    Managua 14, NICARAGUA
    E: association-nicaragua@alumni.itc.nl

  • Peru

    ITC Alumni Association of Peru 

    Mr. Hildebrando Palacios Berrios
    Psje Hermanos Carcamo 175, Urbanización Astete
    Lima 32, PERU
    T: +51 1 4606827
    E: association-peru@alumni.itc.nl

  • Surinam

    ITC Alumni Association of Surinam

    Ms. Virginia P. Atmopawiro, MSc
    c/o CELOS - Narena Department
    Prof. Dr. J. Ruinardlaan
    P.O. Box 1914
    Paramaribo-South, SURINAM
    E: association-suriname@alumni.itc.nl

ITC Alumni Associations in Europe: 

ITC Alumni Associations in Oceania:

  • Fiji

    ITC Alumni Association of Fiji

    Mr. S.B. Naicegucegu
    Ministry of Lands, Energy & Mineral Resources
    Aerial Survey Section
    P.O. Box 2222
    Suva, FIJI
    E: association-fiji@alumni.itc.nl

  • New Zealand

    ITC Alumni Association in New Zealand

    Jagannath Aryal
    Lincoln University, 301, Hilgendorf
    New Zealand
    E: aryal@alumni.itc.nl

Netherlands Education Support Office (Neso)

Nuffic Neso Offices are Nuffic Netherlands Education Support Offices, our overseas offices. Their main tasks are the generic promotion of Dutch higher education and the enhancement of cooperation between higher education institutions in the Netherlands and institutions in the Neso regions. One of their core activities are Holland alumni activities. In order to coordinate the alumni activities as much as possible, each Neso office has an alumni officer. 

Read more about the Nuffic Neso Offices on the Nuffic website or www.hollandalumni.nl

Netherlands Alumni Associations (NAA)

A Netherlands Alumni Association (NAA) organizes all kind of professional and social activities and is, because of own experiences, a very good source of information and practical advice for those who envisage to take courses in the Netherlands. On the other hand you are encouraged to join an NAA when you are back home again.

To check if your country has a Netherlands Alumni Association use the following link: https://www.hollandalumni.nl/communities/