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Wall of Impact

Become a high-skilled geospatial professional

Looking back at 70 years of ITC many graduates have pursued their dreams to reach their personal goals. Within our community we have ministers, rectors, directors, entrepreneurs, well known researchers and many others with an inspiring stories. Collecting these stories gave room for the "Wall of Impact". Not only those alumni who reach high positions are worth mentioning but especially those stories of dreams that actually come true, those examples of alumni who definitely make an impact on the world as we know it..

To be honest all alumni deserve a spot on this Wall as we believe all graduates make impact on the global challenges we are facing. Please do share your story or a story of a fellow alumni you find inspiring and before we know it this Wall is prove of the large impact the ITC community has on the world!

Antigua and Barbuda

Daryll Mathews (ITC Alumnus 2000)
Minister of Education, Sports and the Creative Industries

Burkina Faso

Dr Laurent Sedogo (ITC ALumnus 1994)
Minister of Agriculture, Water and Fisheries Resources (2008–2013)
Andre Bassole (ITC Alumnus 1979 )
Chairman Board of Directors EIS Africa

For over 10 years, EIS-AFRICA has played a guiding role in the formation of environmental information systems at national and sub-national levels on the African continent. As a pan-African network organisation, EIS-AFRICA has been particularly successful in creating awareness about the need for stakeholders to work together within and among countries, and share common data architecture and information resources.


Liu Yanhua (ITC Alumnus 1985)
Former Vice Minister - Ministry of Science and Technology


Emma Agyapong Baah (ITC Alumna 2017)
Founder and Executive Director Environment & Agroforestry Foundation

Emma founded the Environment and agroforestry foundation to to effectively manage Ghana’s natural resources, environment, and agriculture to generate long-term socio-economic and ecological benefits.

For this work she has won multiple grants (Rufford Small grant) for community NRM work she initiated.

 Environment & Agroforestry Foundation
[picture taken from the website of the foundation] 


Vishnu Nandan (ITC Alumnus 2012)
Member of the MOSAiC expedition, expert on radar remote sensing of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice

‘You can’t beat Mother Nature’

Vishnu Nandan obtained his Master degree in Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation at the University of Twente in 2012. As an expert on radar remote sensing of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice, he has been part of the MOSAiC expedition, the largest polar expedition ever attempted. 

Read interview of Utoday here

Dr. Sekhar Lukose Kuriakose (ITC Alumnus 2011)
Member Secretary (ex-officio), KSDMA & Head (Scientist), State Emergency Operations Centre
Prof dr Mahavir (ITC Alumnus 1994)
Dean School of Planning and Architecture New Delhi
Anupma Prakash (ITC Alumna 1998)
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Anupma Prakash became provost and executive vice chancellor of the University of Alaska Fairbanks in July 2018. She previously served as interim dean and associate dean at the UAF College of Natural Science and Mathematics, where she is a professor of geophysics. 

Read here story at the University of Alaska Fairbanks
[picture of the University of Alaska Fairbanks]


Siti Nurbaya Bakar (ITC Alumna1988)
Minister of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia

“More and more female figures are emerging to show their capacity to be more than household managers in almost all aspects of life. Compared with other developing countries, this predominantly muslim country is leaping forward in the development of gender equality. The key problem is equal opportunity. Everyone can develop and realize spectacular achievements if given the chance” Says Siti Nurbaya Bakar to the Jakarta post.

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Ridwan Djamaluddin (ITC Alumnus 1993)
Deputi III Bidang Koordinasi Infrastruktur BBPT
Dita Anggraeni (ITC Alumna 2010)
United Nations OCHOA - New York

‘My degree and experiences at ITC are highly regarded and ITC has opened up global opportunities for me.’ Says Dita here


H.E. Dr. Wilber Ottichilo (ITC Alumnus 1982)
Governor of Vihiga County

“It really opened my eyes. I came as a village boy and left as a global citizen." Says Dr Wilbert Ottichilo

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Dr Festus Ihwagi (ITC Alumnus 2017)
Research Manager at Save the Elephants

Elephants move faster and straighter when moving through risky areas, researchers have discovered, meandering more when safer. The study by Save the Elephants, the University of Twente and the University of Oxford, further builds our understanding of how elephants adapt to the threat of poaching and other hostile contact with humans.

 “A reduction in path tortuosity implies reduced searching intensity per unit area, which in the long run might have negative implications in the foraging success of el-ephants in risky landscapes,” said lead author Festus Ihwagi. “Changes in path tortuosity can also serve as a useful proxy for changes in levels of illegal killing at the site level,” he continued.

Read more about this research


Dr Lameck Mwewa (ITC ALumnus 1998)
Associate Dean Teaching and Learning, Department Geo-Spatial Sciences and Technology, NUST

[Picture of the Namibia University of Science and Technology]


Ganesh Prasad Bhatta
Director General of Survey Department Nepal

“Nepal has learned the importance of geo spatial data”

Read an interview of Coordinates magazine with Ganesh Prasad Bhatta here


Dr. Mary Goretti Kitutu Kimono (ITC Alumna 1998)
Minister of Energy and Mineral Development of Uganda (as from 2019)
Jane Bemigisha (ITC Alumna 2008)
Exec Director ESIPPS International Ltd.

Jane Bemigisha is Executive Director of ESIPPS which focuses its services on Research, Consultancy & Capacity Development in the field of environmental surveys and assessments, environment information, environment impact assessment, planning and policy.

Website ESIPPS
[picture taken from company website] 


Amon Murwira (ITC Alumnus 2003)
Minister of Higer Education, Science and Technology of Zimbabwe

"If you focus on results mountains will move" says Amon Murwira in an interview with Utoday.

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