Letter to the editor

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A. Denis N. Fernando (ITC Alumnus 1960)

Dear Editor, 

First of all, I would like to wish ITC a happy Christmas, with the compliments of the season to all its professors. 

With my letter of August 2009 (copies to my professor Frederick Ackermann and Mr. Elvino Dias Duarte), I enclosed my article “Fifty years of serendipity in Sri Lanka: a tribute to ITC” so that it would reach ITC before its 60th-anniversary celebrations. Now I am also attaching the article “Fifty years of serendipity in Sri Lanka”, which appeared on the Saturday magazine page of the Sri Lankan daily newspaper The Island on 26 September 2009 as a full-page article, with a map of Ptolemy’s Taprobane (www.island.lk/2009/09/26/satmag8.html). This is virtually the same article I sent you. This article was greatly appreciated by the National Academy of Sciences, archaeologists, historians and the general public of Sri Lanka because of the authentic evidence of our ancient heritage from aerial photographs and field verifications. 

I am further including a photograph of ITC alumni of 1960 who participated in the ITC study of the principal precise photogrammetric instrument manufacturers in Germany and Switzerland, namely Zeiss, Wild and Kern. Included in this group photograph are some staff members of ITC and the Zeiss factory. I hope this photograph can be published in a future ITC newsletter as it is of historical value and shows ITC participants who for the most part are no longer with us.

Yours sincerely, 

A. Denis N. Fernando
ITC Alumnus 1960