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Alumni statement

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When applying for a job, PhD and or other future endeavours you might need a statement saying you were a student at ITC. You might need proof that the course you participated in was taught in English. You might even need a statement saying you graduated with outstanding marks and/or you were active with extra curriculum activities during your stay in the Netherlands. For all of these reasons (and much more), an alumni statement can be made for you when you are an alumnus of ITC.

Definition of an ITC alumnus

An ITC alumnus is: 

Successful completion of a course that results in the issuing of a PhD degree, MSc degree, Master degree, Diploma or Certificate, which basically includes those students who have attended a minimum of one three-weeks module of ITC’s regular educational programme.

Alumni Statement

To apply for an alumni statement please send an email to alumni-itc@utwente.nl with all the requirements you need.  The statement is made personally for you by the alumni office, therefore, make sure you apply well ahead of any deadlines!!

If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact us at the above address.