Major projects

TIGER Bridge (TCBF Phase 4)

Project location Africa
Starting date 01 November 2015
Completion date 31 October 2017
Client European Agency (ESA)
Project leader Vekerdy
Project officer Bert Boer
Project type Consulting
Budget 500.000 Euro

The TIGER Bridge project is part of the TIGER Initiative (, and  offers contributions from a broader group of CB-providers via a new research call, and facilitates the application of EO technology via the WOIS software for more users, who’s demand is growing. The project activities comprise:

TIGER Community & Partnership building

Support to TIGER research projects by funding their participation two on international scientific events: the TIGER Workshop and the Living Planet Symposium (LPS), both to held in 2016.
Organization of a training session on a selected topic, using the TIGER Training Kit and the WOIS software as the core material. This course was organized in cooperation with WASCAL in June 2017.
Desk-top study about on-going and planned development activities in water resources for agriculture, funded by ESA member states in Africa. The survey includes relevant bi-lateral actions by the member states and multilateral funded activities from organizations like WB, FAO, ILRI, IFAD and others.

Water Resources for Agriculture

Support to organizing a call for new research projects and contribute to the selection procedure and support the execution of the research. Ten projects are supported in this framework, each of them is carried out in a twining formula by an African and a European partner. Their work will be completed in October 2017.

Capacity Development

Maintenance of the WOIS platform: the release of the next QGIS Long Term Release (LRT) version in the first quarter of 2016 and the release of SNAP 2.0 in the last quarter of 2015. Some new features and functionalities to the WOIS QGIS plugins offered in the latest release (version 4.2).
A dedicated data access enabled for 5 African institutions out of the TIGER partnership (Regional Offices, Water Authorities).
Data portfolio’s were consolidated for them, disseminated on a monthly basis (with a max. of 2 weeks latency, starting at KO+2 until the end of the contract) via physical data carriers (hard disk, flash memory).

Communication and Promotion

Information provision for the regularly published TIGER Newsletter and publication of the final results of the TIGER research projects. This latter will take place in October, on the 18th WaterNet Symposium, in Namibia.
Review with ESA of the existing TIGER Capacity Building Facility and TIGER-NET websites and to optimize the content and the maintenance thereby avoiding overlaps.
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