Major projects

Institutional Building for Natural Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in Georgia

Project location Georgia
Starting date 01 May 2009
Completion date 01 November 2011
Client Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Europe / MATRA
Project leader Dr Cees van Westen
Project officer Sabine Maresch
Project type Consulting
Budget Euro 656,145

Georgia faces frequent natural disasters and threats to its fragile ecosystems that are largely caused by poverty, unsustainable natural resource management and agricultural practices, improper infrastructure and urban development as well as climatic factors.

The Soviet centralised planning system was responsible for the abandonment of traditional natural resources management methods as well as introduction of poor practice of spatial planning and infrastructure and urban development.

ITC together with its project partner CENN (Caucasus Environmental NGO Network) implement this project to assists the Georgian Ministry of Enviromental Protection and Natural Resources to enhance its capacity for effective DRR. Activities are focused at institutional capacity building in disaster risk reduction via introduction of modern spatial approaches and technologies and the development of risk communication strategy in spatial planning in Georgia.

Project results will be capacitated local staff; developed and endorsed guidelines for risk assessment and incorporation of hazard and risk information into spatial planning and EIA/SEA; a new system is in place for DRR data management.

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