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Land Registration in Uzbekistan – Phase 3

Tashkent workshop participants
Tashkent workshop participants
Project location Uzbekistan
Starting date 30 January 2006
Completion date 31 December 2007
Client European Commission TACIS via DHV Consultants
Partners DHV Consultants, Amersfoort - The Netherlands, Gozkomzemgeodescadastre- Tashkent - Uzbekistan
Project leader Johan de Meijere
Project officer Sabine Maresch
Project type Consulting, institutional development and training
Budget Euro 70,000

The Project
The overall goal of the project was to support Uzbekistan authorities wit the transition to a market economy through addressing the establishment of real property rights.

The objective of the project was  to support the particular phase in the institutional reform  whereby digital registration systems are subject to tendering and delivered to regional offices and prepare staff to start operate these in the land registration procedures.
The more specific objectives of the ITC input was  to provide training to central and regional staff for institutional embedding of new legislation and digital  registration procedures .

The activities were part of a EU-TACIS project to support the gradual transition of Uzbekistan to a market economy in which also a land rights can be marketed. Phase III dealt with the delivery of a computer based registration system  (hard- and software). Staff of regional offices received and installed the new systems and started operating these systems in their daily routines. Parallel also the legislation was under review to match with these digital procedures.

Lead partner in this project was DHV Consultants from Amersfoort, the Netherlands. ITC was involved as subcontractor of DHV by providing a capacity building expert in land registration, with Tashkent, Uzbekistan as duty station.

The capacity building comprised 3 components:

  • A study tour for regional office staff to Lithuania, where a successful transition to a private property registration system had been completed;
  • A series of seminars in Tashkent for regional office staff to analyze procedures and plan the use of the new Land Registration system in the daily routines; and
  • A series of visits to and workshops in the regions aimed at making the system operational.

UN University School for Land Administration Studies initiative
At the end of the project and as a special opportunity to bring together experiences from different former soviet countries in the transition towards property registration systems, the UNU School for Land Administration Studies with support from the World Bank, IFC, vendors, the project and the counterpart, organized in Tashkent an international workshop: Land Policies, Land Registration and Economic Development, experiences in Central Asian Countries (November 2007) with some 30 participant from different countries from Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

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