Major projects

Integrated Infrastructure Planning and Community Development - Yogyakarta City

Curriculum Development

Project location Indonesia
Starting date 01 October 2007
Completion date 30 September 2010
Client EVD (Indonesia Facility)
Project leader Dr. Mark Brussel
Project officer Tom Loran
Project type Consulting
Budget 614,000

The poor quality of infrastructure in many countries is a limiting factor in health and wellbeing of the population, and it restricts the potential for economic development. Promising policies are being developed and implemented such as the policy on decentralization that mandates local government agencies to play a leading role in infrastructure planning, construction and operation at the local level. Additionally, a policy is being implemented to relax the past rigid planning procedures and come to a more community centered planning and development of infrastructure systems.

The Centre for Transportation and Logistics Studies of Gadjah Mada University is requested  by the National Government of Indonesia to develop a post-graduate program on Infrastructure and Community Development. The long-term objective of the project is to contribute to the development of the curriculum of this program. At the same time the project aims to establish a critical mass of multidisciplinary professionals that is able to apply innovative approaches to the complexities of integrated and community centered planning and management of infrastructure. This will be achieved through supporting the design and implementation of an academic program in community infrastructure development consisting of a MSc, short courses and a PhD research program developed and executed by the involved partners.

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