Major projects

Scenario Development, Spatial Planning Support Systems and Collaborative Decision Support

Project location Netherlands
Starting date 10 October 2011
Completion date 09 December 2011
Project leader Luc Boerboom
Project officer Paul Schoonackers
Project type Contract education
Budget Euro 5,000

This advanced course is modelled after course ( and extended with an application study. The first part of this course addresses spatial scenario development through spatial planning support systems. The second part addresses collaborative analysis and decision making regarding scenarios. In contrast to other geo-information systems, spatial decision support systems provide insight into judgments of trade-offs between various decision options, which vary between actors. Both parts will have an emphasis on modern approaches of scenario development and collaborative decision making in group decision rooms using multiple thinklets and internet based tools for developing serious games.

What will be achieved (in general)?

On completion of parts 1 and 2, participants should be able to:

  • Explain the principles of planning and decision-making processes and the role of planning and (collaborative) decision support systems,
  • Describe policy formulation, scenario development and analysis, and the collaborative choice process,
  • Use, assess and interpret multicriteria evaluation techniques in time and space to evaluate the impact of various scenarios from single and multiple stakeholder perspectives,
  • Explain and practice ways of handling uncertainty in planning and decision making,
  • Design simple serious games,
  • Apply web-based distributed spatial multi-criteria evaluation in such games.
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