People, Land and Urban Systems


In the framework of this research theme, several research projects  are in progress and still more are pending implementation when suitably qualified researchers (e.g., graduate students) express interest in joining the research group.

Completed PhD research projects

Ongoing PhD research projects

  • Addressing climate change through designing cities for the elderly
    Razieh Zandieh
  • An Earth Observation and integrated assessment approach to the governance of Lake Naivasha
    Job O. Ogada
  • Cycling inclusive urban planning
  • Development and implementation of a GI-based bike sharing station location - allocation model
    Ying Zhang
  • Development of model supporting goal formulation for land and water resource development, the case of Borkhar plain in Islamic republic of Iran. Joint PhD program with University of Wageningen
    F. Sargordi
  • Dynamics of urbanization processes impacting on resources values and environmental services, Michoacan coastal zone
    Rafael Bermudez
  • Enhancing Urban Sustainability: PSS contributions for a sustainable land use plan
    Fangfang Cheng
  • Environmental capacity characteristics of heterogeneous traffic corridors
    Ko-An Lai
  • Environmental governance
    Remi Chandran
  • Evaluation of land information systems for eGovernment in Africa: the case of AbujaGIS, Nigeria
  • First land registration and cadastral survey techniques; Effects on land tenure security provision; Case of Rwanda
    Dushimyimana M.C. Simbizi
  • Geoinformation-based government-to-government relations (GEOG2G)
  • Human exposure to NTD with agriculture dynamism
    Elias Nyandwi
  • Improving irrigation practices in the Drought condition: the case of Borkhar plain in Islamic republic of Iran. Joint PhD program with University of Wageningen
    M. Vazifeh Doust
  • Industrial hazard, venerability & risk assessment for perspective land use planning
    Anandita Sengupta
  • Informed governance towards a slum free city
    Sejal Patel
  • Integrated Assessment: a vehicle for spatial planning at the regional level in India
    Debanjan Bandyopadhyay
  • Integrating traditional land use and land rights into spatial planning review processes
    Hunggul Yudono Setio Hadi Nugroho
  • Land use and transport integration in relation to people's mode choice: Case study for Hanoi
    Ngoc Quang Nguyen
  • Non Motorised Transport (NMT) and public transport integration
    Flavia Carvalho de Souza
  • Spatial impact of environmental policies
    Regina Carvalho Babo Rodrigues
  • Specific of post-conflict Land Administration with focus on land records and land professionals
    Dimo Todorovski
  • The LARSI suitability in constructing dynamic cadastre
    Ying Jing
  • The relationship between (the potential of) cycling and the spatial design of the built environment in Indian cities: A behavioural analysis of travel and geo-spatial data
    Deepthi M. Durgi
  • Transport and climate change
    Stefan J.A. Bakker
  • Urban planning and sustainable environment using GIS & RS techniques
    Mehdi Aminipouri
  • Using GIS for more effective needs assessment and policy planning in health subsector
    Beatrice W. Nyemera
  • Yield prediction of Pistachio using remote sensing data. Joint PhD with University of Wageningen
    M. Hejazi

Research projects