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The GEO Ethics Committee at the University of Twente (UT) is facilitated by the Faculty of Earth Observation and Geo-Information Sciences (ITC). It leads activities across the promotion of awareness on geo-ethics at the UT and carries out ethics reviews on this specific domain.

Geo-ethics consists of research and reflection on the values that underpin appropriate behavior and practice wherever human activities interact with the geosphere. It addresses the ethical, social, and cultural implications of Earth (Observation) and Geo-Information Sciences education, research, and practice, providing a point of intersection for (Geo)spatial sciences, Urban and Rural studies, Sociology,  Economy, and Environmental sciences. It represents an opportunity for geospatial scientists to become more conscious of their social role and responsibilities in conducting their activity and the potential impacts of the findings and outputs of their research on the environment and society.

The GEO Ethics Committee focuses primarily on conducting ethical review procedures for Earth (observation) and Geo-Information Sciences research, mostly covering:

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