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Management and organisation

ITC is a faculty of the University of Twente

ITC was founded in 1950 by then Prime Minister Schermerhorn of the Netherlands as the country’s contribution to the United Nations Development Assistance Programme (UNDAP). ITC became a faculty of the University of Twente, focusing on geo-information science and earth observation.

Faculty Board

Multimember faculty boards manage the university's faculties. ITC's Faculty Boards consist of a dean and portfolio managers for education, research, capacity development and operational management. A student will also be affiliated with each Faculty Board in an advisory role (student assessor). The Faculty Board is responsible for the general oversight and management of the Faculty. This includes structuring the Ffaculty’s activities in teaching and education, the pursuit of science, and contributing to the overall management of the University. More information about ITC's Faculty Board.

Research and education

ITC's education and research take place within the scientific departments and the centres of expertise:

Scientific departments

Centres of expertise

Facilities and services

Our students and faculty staff have access to high-quality labs, services and facilities.