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Management and organisation

ITC is a faculty of the University of Twente

ITC was founded in 1950 by then Prime Minister Schermerhorn of the Netherlands as the country’s contribution to the United Nations Development Assistance Programme (UNDAP). ITC became a faculty of the University of Twente, focusing on geo-information science and earth observation.


Faculty ITC is organised based on process management principles, with a transparent organisational structure, and is managed by a Faculty Board. The core activities are executed by the staff of the scientific departments covering ITC's knowledge field.

Faculty Board

From 1 September 2017, the ITC Faculty has a multi-member Faculty Board. This board encourages an integrated and coordinated approach of managing research, education and operational support.

Heads of Departments


ITC professors are members of the ITC Academic Board.

Facilities and services

Our students and faculty staff have access to high-quality labs, services and facilities.