Faculty Board

From 1 September 2017, the ITC Faculty has a multi-member faculty board. This board encourages an integrated and coordinated approach of managing research, education and operational support. The Rector/Dean chairs the Faculty Board consisting of:

Prof. dr. Freek van der Meer, Rector/Dean

David Korringa, Portfolio Operations

Prof. dr. Karin Pfeffer, Portfolio Research

Prof. dr. Menno-Jan Kraak, Portfolio Capacity Development

Prof. dr. Victor Jetten, Portfolio Education

Myriam Fahner, Secretary to the Board

Student assessor

A student will also be affiliated with each Faculty Board in an advisory role (student assessor). See description.

Anaswara Tharavanthedath Somadas, Student Assessor

The portfolio distribution of the Faculty Board can be found in the Model Portfolio Distribution Faculty Board.