Ongoing PhD projects

An approach to develop a model for producing near real-time density maps of expected coseismic landslides after earthquakes
Hakan Tanyas

Monitoring soil aggregate using multi-temporal and hyperspectral Remote Sensing
Irena Ymeti

Seasonal drought predictions for water management applications in Indonesia
Vasily Kokorev

Post-disaster recovery assessment using remote sensing data analysis and spatial economic modeling
Saman Ghaffarian

The propagating effect of recurring precipitation extremes on hazardous landscape processes
Bastiaan van den Bout

Factors influencing Resilience of Farmers to Natural Hazards in Irrigated Rice Fields in West Java
Riswan Sianturi

No title yet
Oscar Kamps

Spatial and Non-Spatial Disparities in Economic Valuation of Soil: A Comprehensive Analysis to Measuring Soil Worth with Emphasis to Explicit Value
Matthew Oliver R.A.L. Dimal

The influence of geologic sample surfaces on TIR spectroscopy
Evelien Rost

Urban pluvial flooding in Kampala: Applying freely available global datasets in a data scarce area
Yakob Ulmer

Disaster scene understanding using multi-temporal and multi-platform oblique imagery
Diogo Duarte

Deeper understanding of Africa - Modeling of the African lithosphere combining GOCE and seismology
Islam Fadel

Denudation, landsliding and seismic movement in the Highly active tectonic areas of Balakot and Muzaffarabad (Northern Himalayas)
Ms. Sumbal Bahar Saba

Fuzzy and neural network modelling for digital predictive soil mapping
Ms. Ruamporn Moonjun

Integrating satellite gravity data with various geophysical data sets for crustal and tectonic modelling in Africa
Getachew Ebuy Tedla

Assessing the heterogeneity of mineral mixtures using spatial and spectral variability of hyperspectral data
Nasrullah Zaini

Landslide hazard and risk assessment: from assessment to mitigation
Nugroho Christanto

Quantitative multi-hazard risk assessment of hydro-meteorological hazards
Haydar Y. Hussin

Multi-hazards risk assessment for an urbanized mountainous area in Vietnam - Implications for urban planning and design
Ms. Thi Hai Van Nguyen

Simulating 3D seismic response: an integrated approach of geology and topography via remote sensing
Saad Khan

Synergistic use of remote sensing and wireless sensor networks for per building damage assessment
Anand Vetrivel

Time series analysis of remotely-sensed TIR emission: Linking anomalies to physical processes
Efthymia Pavlidou

Completed PhD projects

Monitoring soil contamination and phytormediation sites by using remote sensing techniques
Paresh Rathod

Investigation of remote sensing for dike quality assessment
Ms. Sharon Cundill

Translation of the results of climate change models to expected changes in triggering conditions of hydro-meteorological hazards
Thea A.R. Turkington

Sandstone degradation assessment in tropical environment of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia (2015)
Dr. Frederick F. Tating

Spectral prospectivity mapping of the Deseado Massif, Argentina: deciphering the geochemistry and mineralogy of a low to intermediate sulfidation epithermal system (2015)
Dr. R.P. Andrada de Palomera

Towards improving gully erosion assessment: coupling object-based image analysis and spatially dynamic erosion modelling (2015)
Dr. S.B.V. Chalapathi

Characterization and remote detection of onshore hydrocarbon seep-induced alteration (2014)
Dr. S. Salati

Airborne laser scanning for forested landslides investigation in temperate and tropical environments (2014)
Dr. K.A. Razak

Prediction of co-seismic soil slope instability with finite element models (2014)
Dr. C. Sigarán Loría

Landslide recognition and monitoring with remotely sensed data from passive optical sensors (2013)
Dr. A. Stumpf

Towards a better understanding of earthquake triggered landslides: an analysis of the size, distribution pattern and characteristics of coseismic landslides in different tectonic and geomorphic environments (2013)
Dr. T. Görüm

Understanding the causes and effects of earthquake-induced landslide dams (2013)
Dr. X.M. Fan

Tracing soil particle movement: towards a spectral approach to spatial monitoring of soil erosion (2013)
Dr. M.I. Luleva

The power of rain: rainfall variability and erosion in Cape Verde (2012)
Dr. J.F. Sanchez Moreno

Dynamic numerical run - out modelling for quantitative landslide risk assessment (2012)
Dr. B.R. Quan Luna

Remote sensing and geotechnical investigations of expansive soils (2012)
Dr. F.A. Yitagesu

Knowledge guided empirical prediction of landslide hazard (2011)
Dr. S. Ghosh

Landslide risk quantification along transportation corridors based on historical information (2011)
Dr. P. Jaiswal

Ontology spectrum for geological data interoperability (2011)
Dr. X. Ma

Seismotectonics of active faults: Magadi fault system, Southern Kenya rift (2011)
Dr. Z.N. Kuria

Detection of landslides by object-oriented image analysis (2011)
Dr. T.R. Martha 

Earthquakes from space: remote sensing based approach for regional assessment of seismic induced amplification (2011)
Dr. M. Shafique

Physically-based dynamic modelling of the effect of land use changes on shallow landslide initiation in the Western Ghats of Kerala, India (2010)
Dr. S. Lukose Kuriakose

Geo-information for measuring vulnerability to earthquakes: a fitness for use approach (2009)
Dr. V. Botero Fernandez

Coalfire related CO2 emissions and remote sensing (2008)
Dr. P. Gangopadhyay

Multi-scale landslide risk assessment in Cuba (2008)
Dr. E.A. Castellanos Abella

Hydrothermal processes in the archean: new insights from imaging spectroscopy (2007)
Dr. F.J.A. van Ruitenbeek

Hyperspectral reflectance of vegetation affected by underground hydrocarbon gas seepage (2007)
Dr. M.F. Noomen

Imaging spectroscopy of salt-affected soils: Model-based integrated method (2007)
Dr. J. Farifteh

Simulating floods: on the application of a 2D hydraulic model for flood hazard and risk assessment (2007)
Dr. D. Alkema

Geologically-constrained mineral potential mapping (2006)
Dr. E.J.M. Carranza

Sampling scheme optimization from hyperspectral data (2006)
Dr. P. Debba

Mineral potential mapping with mathematical geological models (2006)
Dr. Porwal

Knowledge-based remote sensing of complex objects: recognition of spectral and spatial patterns resulting from natural hydrocarbon seepages (2006)
Dr. H.M.A. van der Werff