• PhD Defence Adrie Mukashema

    PhD Defence of Adrie Mukashema

  • PhD Defence Elias Nyandwi

    PhD Defence of Elias Nyandwi

  • PhD Defence Anahita Khosravipour

    PhD Defence of Anahita Khosravipour

Research programme

The ITC Research programme defines the scientific scope of knowledge development, which is underpinned by the scientific expertise of ITC and tailored to the international research agenda.

It addresses problems related to the management of space and resources and problems related to the provision of relevant, timely and reliable geospatial information through the execution of demand-driven research projects in its six research themes, led by ITC professors and supported by expert staff members. Many of the research projects are carried out by registrants in theĀ Graduate programme studying for a PhD degree.

Graduate registration

ITC applies a specific procedure for registration that also includes a self-assessment on eligibility.

Resources and facilities

The ITC Library is a specialised scientific library on Remote Sensing and GIS. ITC's database of Satellites and Sensors contains information on EO satellites and sensors.

Visiting researchers and post-docs

Scientists expert in geo-information science and/or earth observation are invited to carry out research at ITC as visiting researchers or post-doctoral research fellows.

Research review and output

SENSE review report, scientific publications and software products.

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