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After you apply

What's the Master's Geo-information Science and Earth Observation about?

Post-application process

What happens after applying for registration in the Graduate Programme depends upon your registration request in your application.

  1. Acceptance of your research topic by research theme leader
  2. Confirmation of your eligibility for promotion (award of PhD degree) by University of Twente
  3. Dispatch your letter of conditional admission (to support your funding applications)

    Subject to your confirmation (official letter) of funding ...
  4. Registration in ITC's Student Information System
  5. Application for your entry visa by ITC staff
  6. Dispatch your letter of invitation (to collect entry visa from Royal Netherlands Embassy)
  7. Arrange travel date and reception
  8. Accommodation is reserved in the ITC international hotel (IIH) for all enrolled PhD students. As ITC finds it important to help PhD students adjust and build up a social network. Housing rates are published on the ITC website. A 6 months notice is applicable as PhD students choose to opt for their own accommodation.