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What's the Master's Geo-information Science and Earth Observation about?

ITC provides ACCOMMODATION IN WELL-FURNISHED ROOMS AT THE ITC INTERNATIONAL HOTEL (IIH) for all enrolled candidates in the Geo-information Science and Earth Observation Graduate, Degree, Diploma or Certificate programmes.

The hotel is located in the centre of Enschede, close to the ITC Faculty and close to the railway station, shopping centre, market and post-office. Additional facilities include a 24-hour reception, a self-service laundry, a bar operated by the student union, and other recreation areas.


At walking distance, you will find the shopping area, restaurants, cafés, museums, police, railway- and bus station. The hotel is within walking or cycling distance of all the things you may need on a day to day basis. The distance between the hotel and the ITC main building is little over one kilometre. It is only a short walk but you will find out many students cover this distance by bicycle because cycling is one of the main means of transportation in the Netherlands. Route map

Rooms and Apartments

The ITC International Hotel has 398 single rooms. There are 29 communal kitchens (two on each floor) that can be used by all residents. 
All rooms are fully furnished and have a private shower and toilet. In the room, you will find a linen set consisting of 2 towels, a tea towel, a fitted sheet and a duvet cover with 1 pillowcase which you can wash during your stay. The room is furthermore equipped with a TV, a refrigerator for private use, a telephone for internal calls and both wired and wireless internet connections. Kitchen utensils, pots and pans, cutlery and chinaware are not included. The hotel is equipped with a keycard system to access your room, the corridor to your room, and the doors to the main entrance. 
ITC International Hotel is not able to accommodate families. Kindly contact our front office coordinator for more information about room reservations for visitors and friends.

Watch this video by Fire Prevention Specialist Chris Schrik for more information regarding safety at the ITC International Hotel.

Fire prevention

And a video about the use of electrical appliances in the ITC International Hotel.

Use of electrical appliances


Additional facilities include a 24-hour reception, a self-service laundry, a bar operated by the student union, and other recreation areas. All rooms have an internet connection and Wi-Fi is available in the entire building. Use is free of charge. For more information see the hotel's ABC guide. There is also a video that briefly covers the most important issues from our ABC guide.

An impression of the facilities

Most important issues from our ABC guide

IT'S Residents

The ITC International Hotel mainly accommodates international students from continents all over the world. These students participate in specialized courses at the ITC. Accommodation is reserved in the ITC International Hotel (IIH) for all enrolled candidates. Housing rates are published below. Students are obliged to make use of this accommodation for a minimum period of one year (12 months) starting on the first course date. For PhD students, a 6 months notice is applicable as PhD students choose to opt for their own accommodation. Students are allowed to check out during periods of temporary absence of study exceeding 60 days, provided this is reported to IIH.
Reservations at least six weeks in advance of the intended period of absence. No guarantee is given that upon return for study at ITC accommodation will be provided in the same accommodation.


Rates for ITC students                                                                Rate per night 
ITC student                                                                                          €15,601 / €15,10 2
ITC student in 01 room (elevator view)                                               €12,481 / €12,10 2
1 This rate applies to short stay (< 1 month) whereby the (disposable) bed linen is changed weekly by our housekeeping.
2 This rate applies to long stay (> 1 month) in which we supply a one-off set of linen that you can wash yourself during your stay.

Extra bed in the room for spouse, relative or guest                   Rate per week 
Extra bed in the room (1 through 7 nights)*                                      €32,70
Extra bed in the room - additional days* (price per week)                 €6,46 
*The maximum duration for an extra bed is three months 

Accommodation for ITC / UT guests and staff          Rate per night   
Single room                                                                         €53,56   
Double room                                                                       €80,42  

Accommodation for guests of ITC Student                  Rate per night 
Single room                                                                         €37,52    
Double room                                                                  €48,23  


The faculty ITC provides accommodation at the ITC International Hotel (IIH) for all students in the Geo-information Science and Earth Observation graduate, degree, diploma and certificate programmes.

Students in other Master’s programmes have to create an account in ROOMSPOT, an online platform where students can find an overview of the available rooms and independent accommodation, and make their own reservation. After login, the available rooms will be shown. If you experience any problems, kindly contact (International) Student Services. If the booking is approved the student will receive confirmation and upon arrival, a guarantee of €485 and the rent for the current month is required. If you book directly at the ITC International Hotel the rate will be the rack room rate of €61,96 excluding city tax for a single room per night. 

Online Privacy Statement

As of May 25, 2018 all Dutch organizations must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Dutch abbreviation for GDPR is AVG (Algemene verordening gegevensbescherming). This is a link to our Online Privacy Statement.  

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