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MOOC on Drought Assessment and Monitoring from Space

In the context of the European Space Agency EOAFRICA Research and Development Facility, the Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (in collaboration with its project partners VITO, TUWIEN, SERCO and CS-group) developed a free MOOC on Droughts Assessment and Monitoring from Space. This recently launched Massive Open Online Course provides an introduction to “droughts”, answers questions on how it can be quantified, how it can be assessed and monitored from space. The Water Resources Department from ITC has been in the lead of the development of the MOOC and is also leading the EOAFRICA RDF consortium.

In the MOOC, you will learn about monitoring and yield forecasting, but also the role of cloud computing and (easy) access to satellite images. No prior knowledge of Earth Observation (EO) is required. The MOOC provides a smooth introduction for agricultural scientists, water resources specialists, and others who are interested in water and food security and the role EO plays nowadays related to this theme. Every week a new set of movies and short quizzes will be released. The MOOC is now open and will remain so till the end of November 2022. For registration use the link below: