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The GeoHealth Hour

Address a range of global health issues in our online course Geo-Health

Welcome to the GeoHealth Hour.

The GeoHealthHour LogoThe GeoHealth Hour is all about spatial approaches to health topics. From simple maps you could draw with a pen to simulations and spatio-temporal analyses running on high-performance clusters, geoinformation often plays a crucial role in understanding and managing threats to human and animal health. With this talk series, we want to showcase the wide variety of topics and techniques, people and projects that make up Geo-Health. Seeing Geo-Health as a melting pot of different disciplines, viewpoints, and cultures, we want to stimulate discussion, facilitate exchange and encourage collaborations.

The talks are usually held online on Mondays at 13:00 CET/CEST, with some flexibility for speakers from different time zones.

Speakers wanted!

If you work somehwere at the intersection of health and geo and have something interesting to share, please consider the GeoHealth Hour as an opportunity to present your work in a friendly environment. We always have an open slot available somewhere. Early career researchers are welcome, get in touch with Nils for more information!

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The GeoHealth Hour is being organized by members of the Geo-Health group at the ITC. You can reach us at