Geohealth is the integration of geographic information, technologies and spatial concepts with epidemiology. Health and disease is complex and requires a dynamic approach to understanding the drivers behind the patterns that we see.  Geospatial technologies and GiScience play a vital role in visualizing where and when diseases occur in space and time, understanding why they may be prevalent, who may be affected and how to potentially address the problem. Here at ITC we have developed a collaborative research and learning environment that enables us to address a variety of health and disease issues all over the world (see publications).

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Justine Blanford

Spatial Analysis/data science/geocomputational modeling; spatial and temporal analysis; changing risk; perception of risk; mobility; social media and non-traditional geospatial data; online education; host-pathogen interactions across space and time; accessibility to healthy environments; accessibility to healthcare; mobility.

Alfred Stein

Spatial and spatio-temporal statistics; image analysis; Bayesian statistics; hospital analysis; air quality.

Sherif Amer

Access and Accessibility, Health Seeking Behavior, Health Inequalities, Community Health Profiling, Environmental Health Risks.

Carmen Anthonj

Contact us | Who-is-who | Home ITCHealth service provision in complex, hard-to-reach and underserved settings; impact of extreme weather events and emergencies on health; local knowledge and risk perceptions and their applicability in health-related policy and practice.

Ellen-Wien Augustijn

Spatial analysis, agent-based modeling, machine learning; Spatio-temporal analytics and modelling.

Raul Zurita Milla

Analysis of GIS, EO and crowdsourced data using data mining and machine learning approaches + a strong interest in big and open geodata science; Spatio-temporal analytics and modelling.

Frank Osei

Spatial statistics, spatial epidemiology (including cluster detection and analysis, disease mapping, geographic correlation studies).


To read more about past projects and learn how different spatial analysis methods have been used for geohealth see what has been published.

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