How can we use geo-information to improve the quality and accessibility of health care? What is the relationship between spatial data and geographic variation in health status? Andh how can we combine our scientific efforts to monitor health trends, to early-detect infectious diseases and improve prevention? These are the questions addressed within the topic of geo-health, concerning the convergence of concepts and knowledge, tools and techniques developed in the health and the geographics domain. ITC brings in the necessary content-based expertise and link this effectively to spatio-temporal techniques and the latest developments in big data and data science.

Major projects
WHO Iraq

The humanitarian response to the military operation around Mosul in Iraq was one of the most complex in the world. For WHO Iraq safeguarding adequate access to secondary health care (with contingency procedures and alternatives in place) was crucial.

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AiREAS Healthy City

Increasingly the citizens of a city join forces around key human values such as health. They do that privately and professionally through business enterprises, governments and scientific educational institutions. In the cooperative venture AiREAS we all commit to working together with a single purpose: a healthy city.

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At ITC, we focus on fundamental and problem-solving research where spatial information can make a real difference. Our scientific staff en PhD candidates in the field of geo-health research important topics like the understanding of socio-spatial patterns of health seeking behaviour, analysis of intra-urban health inequities, and accessibility modelling of public health care systems. Our overall aim is to strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of health services delivery, reduce health inequities, and improve the health status of citizens.