Postgraduate Education Courses in GIS and Remote Sensing

  • Disaster Management
  • Geoinformatics
  • Geological Remote Sensing
  • Land Administration
  • Natural Resources
  • Urban Planning
  • Water Resources

Remote sensing & GIS

Geo-information is a rapidly growing industry worldwide. Geographical information systems and remote sensing tools can be used for solving real-world problems and complex issues concerning health care, food security, climate, water, urban planning, security and land scarcity.

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ITC’s combination of geo-information science and remote sensing in postgraduate education offered in seven domains is unique in the world.

Course domains

ITC offers degree, diploma and certificate courses in geo-information science and earth observation in seven domains.


ITC has a wide selection of courses in its degree, diploma and certificate programmes in geo-information science and earth observation.

Study at ITC

One of the world's foremost education and research establishments in the field of geo-information science and earth observation.

Money matters

Financial information for students who come to study at ITC.

Admission requirements

Academic level and background, English language, computer skills, and GIS and remote sensing requirements for admission.


How to apply for a course offered in the Netherlands, online or abroad by ITC itself or by ITC in collaboration with educational organisations (joint courses).

Prepare your stay

Information on how to prepare for your study at ITC the Netherlands.

Study details

Find out more about the contents of ITC's main courses and modules:

Tailor-made courses

In addition to the wide range of standard courses offered, ITC frequently provides training courses designed specifically to meet customers' capacity building requirements.

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