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Flexibility through educational partnerships

The modern world of higher education shows an increasing demand for flexibility. Addressing this need requires, among others, capacity development on the part of the educators, on both individual and institutional levels. That is why at ITC we are always looking for ways to expand our potential in terms of knowledge and skills related to GIS, remote sensing and their applications.

Besides promoting capacity development internally, with dedicated education, we gladly engage in productive partnerships with relevant knowledge institutions worldwide. We have found that working in partnerships allows us to offer a more flexible package of study and training opportunities to a wider audience. Furthermore, working ever more closely with partner institutions allows us to enhance our network for similar future collaborations.

The above reasoning has led to ITC’s entering into partnerships with education organizations and knowledge institutions in different parts of the world. Together we offer flexible ways of achieving single or double-degree awards, while at the same time establishing a knowledge network where even more comprehensive academic cooperation is facilitated.

Joint programmes: Master geo-information Science and Earth Observation

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ITC cooperates with reputable, qualified education organizations to offer graduate programmes.