Core Team

Become a high-skilled geospatial professional
prof.dr. R. Zurita Milla (Raul)
Full Professor

I am a firm believer in Open and Team Science and one of the founder members of the Open Science Community Twente. In that capacity, I regularly contribute to the activities of INOSC, the International network of Open Science communities. I also contribute to the recently created Citizen Science & Open Science Community of Practice. Together we will make Open Science the norm.

drs. M.T. Koelen (Marga)
Guest Supporting Staff

I already support Open Science (OS) and Open Access since the Budapest Initiative in February 2002. Various declarations and initiatives followed. My engagement lies in the fact that researchers all over the world should be able to benefit from science results and as such from progress in science which is important for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. I have organized sessions at ITC on related topics to Open Science like there are FAIR data and PlanS. I have experienced the importance of Open Science in the Global South in different projects. Besides that, I am a member of the UNESCO Expert Group on OS where we work on developing a new global standard-setting instrument on OS. A first draft is finished by now. I am also a member of the ITC Library Committee.