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Knowledge development

OS@ITC provides individual consulting for scholars and students to make their research materials more open and transparent. We support ITC staff in improving their knowledge about Open Science practices and technologies, for example, by organizing Open Science events or giving talks, short courses, and hands-on training. An essential part of the knowledge development is also to investigate the current state of Open Science at ITC with the help of a survey to identify concrete obstacles and solutions.

Grant proposal writing

National and international funding organizations (e.g., NWO and EU) increasingly require researchers to make their output publicly available. This is not only important after the work is done but already when writing grant proposals. OS@ITC helps researchers as well as Ph.D. candidates with writing data management plans which adhere to Open Science requirements.

Infrastructure development

Publishing open reproducible research requires an infrastructure that not only allows researchers to store the data but also to execute the analysis and check for integrity. OS@ITC is in charge of the development of a so-called "Knowledge hub", a decentralized set of tools to support open science practices, such as reproducibility at different stages of a researcher's workflow (e.g., data collection, analysis) and of different data types (e.g. quantitative as well as qualitative data).


Reproducibility is difficult to achieve and even available code and data do not guarantee reproducible results. We provide the CODECHECK service to ensure that your work is reproducible and thus verifiable as well as reusable by other researchers. So, if you want to increase your research impact, don't hesitate to make a CODECHECK request.

Open Science Community Twente

A further important goal of OS@ITC is to establish ITC as a well-known player in the area of Open Science at UT and beyond. To achieve this, we connect to other initiatives and faculties via our Open Science Community Twente, a bottom-up community to learn, share, and discuss Open Science practices. Stay informed about the OSCT by signing up for the newsletter on the OSCT website.

State of the art and research

Open Science is on the rise and, thus, a rapidly evolving research area. By attending events, such as conferences and workshops, OS@ITC monitors the current developments on a national and international level and connects to other experts to foster future collaborations. However, OS@ITC not only observes the Open Science research landscape but will also conduct research, for example, by investigating solutions to address the reproducibility of qualitative data.