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Data Policy / Implementation

The UT has since many years a data policy and ITC has developed guidelines based on this UT Data Policy. 

Good scientific practice aims to carefully manage research data during and archive the data after every research project. It is important to keep the raw, processed and/or analyzed data available, as well as any documentation that is necessary for understanding the data and the way it was collected, processed and analyzed. Archiving plays an important role in accountability issues and allows the researcher to reuse his/her own data or to return to earlier stages of the research process when needed. As a result, research is becoming increasingly reproducible and verifiable.

The ITC/UT policy on data policy is based on leading principles in the area of research data management, such as the FAIR principles, and on national frameworks such as the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

Data archiving should not conflict with agreements and conditions set by data suppliers and should be stored according to the GDPR.

ITC Implementation

Important for ITC is that the ITC guidelines should not constrain any research and researchers, and implementation of data policy is part of the research workflow. At ITC we have chosen the DANS Easy repository for storing our research data.

At this moment we have almost 100 datasets deposited to DANS Easy: most of them are published. Some are submitted but awaiting approval from DANS and some are still a draft.

ITC wants all ITC researchers to deposit their research data as soon as an article is published. As one of the critical points in the recent research evaluation data storage is important for validating our research. .

Therefore, as soon as you have published an article you will receive an e-mail requesting you to deposit your data in DANS Easy. You may also do this before you publish. As soon as the data are deposited in DANS Easy, the dataset receives a DOI and this can be used when you publish your article. On advantage of this policy is that you do not have to store your data with the commercial publisher.

Deposit your data DANS easy

Please use our institutional account for uploading your data to DANS Easy. You browse to:, ask M.Th. Koelen for the login:, in order to publish a dataset, DANS needs a number of 'minimum requirements'. They examine de dataset in the following sections before “publishing” (public or restricted).

1. Data: the files that are send. 

2. Metadata: With this they mean the metadata of the project; the part that is filled in as a form in EASY when depositing your data. The metadata should be filled in in such a way that the user can get a good general impression of the content of the dataset in a fast way. Not all of the fields are obligatory, but the use of as many fields as possible and the use of ‘keywords’ will increase the findability and the clarity your dataset. 

3. Supporting data: this section is the one that researchers often find confusing. The supporting data is information that is to specific or to detailed for the metadata; but, that is needed to make the data understandable to users without previous knowledge of the data set. For example, background information, a description of the research method, the codebook and READ ME files. The supporting data must be delivered as files to be added to the data (pdf’s, txt, etc). This will make the data set understandable. They are not able to publish data sets where they encounter problems as variables with no further explanation: e.g. codes of single numbers in a column with no statement of what they represent. Also, the structure of the dataset can be of importance, to clarify which files contain which information. 

When your files are too big to upload through the web form you can use SURF filesender: The e-mail address to be used is:

After sending the files with SURF Filesender, you can complete your deposit in DANS EASY without making use of the ‘upload files’ part of the deposit module. You can add a notification in the Remarks field of the metadata that the files will be sent to DANS outside of EASY. 

When you have finished the draft upload please inform Marga Koelen So, do not submit it to DANS after you finished the deposit. ITC will check if the affiliation name and the names of the ITC researchers are correctly spelled and make changes if necessary.

ITC will submit it to DANS. After submission, you receive immediately the DOI of your dataset, DANS will do a check on your data and if everything is clear they will officially publish the data with the restrictions you have set for the data.