Getting there: a new global map to assess inequality in accessibility

Access to food, water, education, health services and employment opportunities are all related to people's well-being and their ability to contribute to society. New research, published in Nature, by a collaboration between the University of Oxford, the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, Google, Vizzuality, the University of Washington, the University of Queensland, Imperial College and the University of Twente has generated a detailed and up to date global map of accessibility to highlight development gaps between urban and rural populations.


October 2016

  1. 31 10 2016 Emeritus Professor Ian Masser wins Global Citizen Award
  2. 28 10 2016 Best Student Paper award for Milad Mahour
  3. 19 10 2016 Mapping Party: putting Malawi on the map
  4. 11 10 2016 Inaugural lecture Gerard van der Steenhoven: Climate change, where science meets society
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