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DesignLab launches the DesignLab Academy for professionals

DesignLab is proud to announce the launch of their academy for responsible future shaping, aimed at professionals. These programmes are designed to develop leadership qualities, provide insight into future challenges, and learn to collaborate with diverse backgrounds. 

The current era is characterised by complex global issues such as climate change, energy transition, and the rise of AI. DesignLab Academy recognizes the necessity of a transdisciplinary approach to address these challenges. Therefore, it introduced Responsible Futuring as early as 2020, an approach that promotes strategic decision-making and innovation through transdisciplinary collaboration towards responsible futures. 

Responsible Futuring 

DesignLab has already successfully applied this approach, based on the research of Cristina Zaga, in education and collaborations with businesses and government institutions. Now, this expertise is being expanded to the DesignLab Academy, where individuals and organizations aiming to enhance their employees' future literacy, will have the opportunity to develop their skills and contribute to positive change. 

"DesignLab Academy offers a unique learning experience where participants not only understand today's challenges but also actively work towards shaping desired futures," says Miriam Iliohan, Manager of DesignLab. "Our workshops and masterclasses are filled with inspiration, interaction, and practical tools to help participants become responsible innovators." 


The offering of DesignLab Academy includes both 1-day workshops and 2-day masterclasses, covering various themes such as climate & sustainability, innovation & health, and the digital society. Additionally, DesignLab provides tailor-made in-company programs for organisations looking to enhance their own future resilience. 

Workshop 'circular society'

The first workshop will take place on 10 June and will focus on the circular society. DesignLab’s research fellows Svenja Damberg and Julieta Matos-Castaño are both scientists who will impart their valuable expertise during this workshop. In the autumn, a masterclass on the future of AI will follow: Relational AI: Radical, Justice and More-than-Human Approaches to Co-Shape AI Futures with Communities Additionally, we will organise a workshop on health innovation. 

More information

For more information about DesignLab Academy and its programs, visit www.utwente/designlab-academy. Together, we can work towards a responsible and inspiring future. The first workshop is on June 10, 2024, and focuses on the circular society. There is an early bird discount of 50% until May 1, 2024, for this workshop. 

About DesignLab Academy: DesignLab Academy is an initiative of DesignLab University of Twente and offers educational programs focused on responsible future shaping. With a focus on Responsible Futuring, DesignLab Academy brings together people from different disciplines to collaborate on positive changes for society. 

For more information: academy-designlab@utwente.nl