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Jorien Loman (Unsplash)

A Twente Tour for the new ITC Students

The Introduction Week for ITC students couldn’t finish in a better way than with a tour throughout the region of Twente. The ITC Faculty organized a tour for the new students to get familiarized with the historic farming system, the classic Dutch mills and the beautiful landscapes that compose Enschede and its surroundings. "During the trip, I met with many students from different nationalities and learned more about their professional background" said one of the students.

To start the Twente Tour, three buses opened their doors to the students in front of the ITC Faculty. Filled with new faces, the buses departed in the direction of Deurningen. Passing by the Twente airport, in just a matter of minutes, the buses arrived at Landgoed Kaamps.

Students hop into the buses in front of the ITC Building

All about cheese 

With more than 200 cows, Landgoed Kaamps specializes in producing dairy products, such as yoghurt, milk and cheese. As soon as the students arrived, a movie was shown where cheese production is explained step by step. Because watching is not enough to fully experience the quality of their products, big plates of cheese were distributed among the tables for students to taste the final result.

A documentary showed every step of the classic Dutch cheese production

 To get this delicious cheese to our plates, the milk needs to be extracted from the cows and showing this process was the second part of the farm experience. After a short introduction to the friendly cows, the ITC students learned how an automatic milking machine works, and how the milk is cleaned from bacteria and processed to become the big roll of cheese that we all know.

Meeting our spotty friends

All this food talk ended fairly for the students with a delicious meal in the main square of the farm. Yoghurt, custard, a cheese sandwich, mushroom cream and traditional Dutch pancakes “pannekoeken” were served with the option of a dairy drink on the side, such as milk or buttermilk. "I loved the lunch, the fresh milk and the cheese!" said one of the students. After lunch, it was time to jump on the bus again and continue the Twente Tour. Next stop: the water mills located at Landgoed Singraven. 

Lunchtime at the farm

 A time-travel experience

Near the magnificent Singraven cottage, an old water mill is preserved in a surreal time-travel atmosphere. When the water flow is opened, the water mill starts functioning with different purposes. On the top floor, an impressive saw is displayed cutting a large piece of wood. On the bottom floor, we can see how the water mill is also used for flour production. At this location, students were able to wander around and rest for a bit, before taking an aerial drone picture to top off the experience with an ITC style.

Say “cheese”! (Credits: Instagram @s.t.a.r.___b.o.y)
H. García (Héctor)
Impact and Communications Officer