Call for proposals: Marina van Damme Grant 2021

On November 26th the Board of the Twente University Fund will award the Marina van Damme Grant for the 19th time to a talented, ambitious UT alumna, with a master’s degree and/or a doctorate. Are you that alumna who could use a helping hand in taking the next step or turn on her career path? If so, let us know your intention before 6 September 2021 to join this call for proposals. Your proposal must be submitted no later than 24 September 2021. 

Marina van Damme Grant

The grant consists of a cash prize of € 9,000 and a certificate. This prize is intended for female alumni to broaden personal growth en development, for example by expanding knowledge or doing an international orientation in the form of a study, internship or project. The grant is not intended to finance (or co-finance) a doctoral degree project. Furthermore, applications focused on pursuing a follow-up programme at the University of Twente will not be considered. The winner of the grant has four years to implement her proposal. 

This grant is made possible thanks to a donation of M.A. van Damme. In 1965 she became the first doctoral graduate from the former Technical College Twente (THT).

On the University Foundation website, you can find all the information regarding the Marina van Damme Grant including testimonials of previous winners on how the scholarship influenced their lives.

Advance notification and nominations

If you are interested to join, we would like to receive your advance notification before September 6th. After you have received a confirmation by email you can submit your proposal no later than September 24th. Your proposal must indicate which developments you have achieved since your graduation (including a curriculum vitae), what your dreams and motivation are, what steps you plan to take to achieve this and how you are going to use the grant to accomplish this. 

Criteria and checklist

Your proposal must follow the checklist and assessment criteria mentioned here.


The proposals will be assessed by a jury consisting of a previous grant winner, a professor from the University of Twente, a Board member of the Twente University Fund and a UT entrepreneur. 

Submitting proposals

Proposals can be submitted no later than 24 September 2021 by e-mail:

You can find more information about the grant at