Module 3 focuses on the basic rules of searching and how to do a systematic search for literature so you will not miss important publications on the topic you want to investigate. Referencing and plagiarism will also be explained.


When you need to write an essay or when you need to solve a problem or you have to do research the first thing you need is information or as you could say you need to conduct a literature search. This can happen during your studies and after your studies.

This module considers the different phases in the search process when you might want to undertake a literature search, and provides guidance on effective literature searching.

Selecting the best source to search, choosing the most appropriate words, and combining them successfully are skills you will develop in this module. Searching is a process of discovery that may expand your knowledge and broaden your views. It is one of the most creative aspects of research. Once you master some techniques, you might find you enjoy it.