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Applications Guide

ILWIS 2.1 Applications Guide

The ILWIS 2.1 Applications Guide (352 pp.) contains 25 discipline-oriented case studies. The case studies show advanced procedures to work with ILWIS and also demonstrate how specific questions in certain research disciplines can be solved with ILWIS. As the Applications Guide is intended for experienced ILWIS users, the operations that have to be performed are not written out in full detail.

The ILWIS 2.1 Applications Guide can be used both as a self-study material and in a course environment.

--> The applications in the ILWIS 2.1 Applications Guide are also supposed to work with ILWIS 3.x! <--

By simply clicking the links in the table below, you can:

In a chapter, click Summary to get an illustrated summary of the application, click PDF to get the full text of the application, and click Data to download the zipfile with the exercise data.

1. Hazard, vulnerability and risk analysis
2. Flood hazard analysis using multi-temporal SPOT-XS imagery
3. Modelling cyclone hazard in Bangladesh
4. Modelling erosion from pyroclastic flow deposits on Mount Pinatubo
5. Statistical landslide hazard analysis
6. Deterministic landslide hazard zonation
7. Seismic landslide hazard zonation