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Part of a Landsat image over Nîmes and Montpellier, Southern France, May 2024, courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey

Remote Sensing and GIS lab

Find your Remote Sensing data

The Remote Sensing and GIS lab (RSG-lab) provides support to staff and students to find and obtain remote sensing images and Geographic Information Science (GIS) data.

At the RSG-lab, we usually advise staff and students to use open and free data like Landsat, Aster, and Sentinel. We also help for the use of licensed data such as Planet, to apply for licensed data at ESA (usually high-resolution imagery) and in finding SAR data. For the Netherlands, free data can be easily obtained from the Netherlands Space Office (NSO), Publieke Dienstverlening Op de Kaart (PDOK) or other sources. Finally, data received at ITC by means of GeonetCast are freely available for staff and students for research and education purposes.

Recently, the emphasis of data acquisition has shifted from physically downloading data via user-interfaces from various archives around the world to data access via APIs. The RSG-lab supports both types of acquisition. You may use for instance platforms like ITC's Geospatial Computing Platform (CRIB), a UT virtual research environment (VRE), one of the Copernicus platforms, or Google Earth Engine. These have an open attitude to future developments in GIS data and remote sensing image acquisition.

The RSG-lab provides several intranet pages with procedures and documentation on accessing geospatial data, it maintains a geographically searchable database with previously acquired data, and it maintains the ITC satellite and sensor database.

You are always welcome with your questions.