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Become a high-skilled geospatial professional

Geo-information interns who will make a difference

Does your organisation have a wish list of geo-information projects that deserve pursuing but have so far remained shelved for lack of manpower? Are you interested in providing a challenging learning environment to internationally oriented students? Would you welcome a boost of up-to-date knowledge in (applications of) geo-information science and earth observation or spatial engineering? In all of the above cases an intern from the faculty ITC at the University of Twente could very well make a difference for your organization.

Breaking through boundaries

The faculty ITC aims to develop capacity, particularly in less developed countries, and utilize geospatial solutions to deal with national, regional and global problems. We help students to acquire domain-specific knowledge and use it to solve real-world problems. To achieve this, we train and encourage students to break through existing academic boundaries.

Interns in many fields

In the second year of the Master’s programmes, many ITC students will complete an internship to gain experience in the professional field. The objective of the internship is to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during their study programme. As students cover a wide range of specializations and research areas, matching candidates will be available for many kinds of specific internship assignments. To this end, a suitable internship is essential.

Two Master’s programmes

The faculty ITC provides two international Master’s programmes:

Geo-information Science and Earth Observation. Geographical information systems and remote sensing tools can be used for solving real-world problems and complex issues concerning health care, food security, climate, water, urban planning, security and land scarcity. The Master’s programme in Geo-information Science and Earth Observation covers the full range of disciplines involved.

Spatial Engineering. Major multi-level spatial problems require multidisciplinary solutions. The Master’s programme in Spatial Engineering prepares students to address these problems by combining technical and socio-economic knowledge with a strong basis of spatial data analysis and modelling.

Announcing an internship opportunity

If an opportunity becomes available to complete an internship at your company, please contact the ITC internship coordinator. We would like to receive more information about your organisation, internship supervision, and the intern’s tasks and responsibilities at the earliest opportunity.  The internship opportunities are shared with our students through our internal communication channels (CANVAS).


B. Jaarsma - Knol (Belinda)