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In the second year of the Master’s Programme Spatial Engineering and the Master’s Programme Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation, students will complete an internship to gain experience in the professional work field. The objective of the internship is to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during their Master of Science Programme at the faculty ITC and gain experience in the future work field. An internship is one of the best ways to shape their professional profile.

Discover the exciting internship options at ITC!

Join us on a journey as we follow two Master students, Carolina Pereira Marghidan and John Ifejube, during their internships at the Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) at the University of Twente. Get ready to witness the impactful work they're doing in their respective placements and gain a glimpse into the future that awaits you as a prospective student. Watch the video!

The actual up-to-date description, together with the learning outcomes of the internship, can be found in the Study Guide for M-GEO and the Study Guide for M-SE. Please contact the ITC internship coordinator for further information about the procedure and requirements.

The internship may be carried out within consultant companies, government agencies, research institutes, NGOs or intergovernmental organizations in the Netherlands or abroad. The student will be able to apply for an internship topic based on interests, preferences, knowledge and skills. The search and orientation for an internship should start at least six months prior to the desired start date. Please take into account that if the internship takes place outside The Netherlands extra time is required for arrangements, such as applying for accommodation, visa and other formalities. Judgement of whether the foreseen internship project is of sufficient academic quality has to be performed by an academic supervisor who is a staff member of the faculty ITC.


Our CANVAS - ITC internship page contains a database with NGO’s, companies and institutes which have internships available. Besides the internship assignments our ITC students can find a large number of reflection reports from former ITC students who carried out their internship with one of these organizations.  Also, other relevant information like manuals, forms, reports etc. can be found here. Enrollment to this Canvas site will take place after students scheduled an appointment for a meeting with the internship coordinator at ITC.

Mobility online

All internships that take place in the Netherlands or abroad must be registered in the UT registration system Mobility Online. We invite our ITC students to start the application procedure here:  Mobility Online. Please make sure to select the correct pipeline and academic year. You can login with your student number (s123456789).


Students who would like to discuss their internship plans are invited to schedule an appointment with Belinda Jaarsma via the planner tool at

B. Jaarsma - Knol (Belinda)