Visa & immigration

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By Dutch law, students cannot apply for a visa themselves. All applications and extensions for (entry) visas, residence permits and Change of Purpose are coordinated by the University of Twente.

Depending on how long you are going to stay, you may need:

  • Short-stay visa/tourist visa (stay less than three months)

    For a stay of less than three months, you need a short-stay visa (Visum Kort Verblijf), depending on your nationality.

  • Authorization for temporary stay (stay longer than three months)

    If you require an entry visa or a (new) residence permit, we will contact you by email and guide you through every step of the process.

    If you are staying longer than three months, you need authorization for a temporary stay (Machtiging tot Voorlopig Verblijf (MVV)). The regular application procedure for an MVV may take three to six months, sometimes even longer. ITC will apply for an MVV on your behalf using a fast-track procedure of approximately six to eight weeks.

    After receiving your payment and/or signed scholarship agreement, we will inform you via email that new questions have been added to your Osiris application. This is the start of the visa process.

    You have to upload various documents for us to be able to apply for your visa arrangements on your behalf. The forms are provided in the questionnaire in Osiris.

    • Copy of your passport: make sure you include all pages, also the empty ones
    • Antecedents certificate: make sure you have ticked the box and signed it with the date of signing
    • Declaration of intent to undergo a Tuberculosis test: if applicable (see exemption list provided in the questionnaire)
    • Declaration of intent regarding study progress (not applicable to Exchange students)

    After you have completed all of the steps above we will apply for your visa with the Dutch Immigration Service (IND) and inform you via email. Please note we cannot apply for your visa earlier than three months prior to the start of your programme. You will receive another email once your visa has been granted. This normally takes about three weeks after your application has been sent to the IND. You will also be informed about the arrangement of various formalities.

    Residence permit

    If you are staying longer than three months, ITC will assist you in applying for a residence permit. ITC will also assist you in registering at the local town hall after your arrival in the Netherlands.