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What's the Master's Geo-information Science and Earth Observation about?

While studying abroad brings you new experiences, opportunities and personal development, it also means adapting to a new country, its climate, people and culture.

At the beginnen of the academic year you are introduced to ITC and life in Enschede, this introduction includes getting medical checkups, bank accounts opened, residence permits, safety information, and participating in different workshops to better understand their new environment, ITC's teaching method and the cultures of those with whom they will be interacting for the next two years.

Lots of information is provided, you will have lots of fun,make new friends, but most importantly your are prepared to start this new chapter in your life in your new home away from home.

So, are you wondering what is Introduction Week all about? Well, check out the video and let the students be the ones to describe the full experience.

Video Introduction Week Faculty ITC

The following pages will not only help you in arranging formalities before and upon arrival, it will also show you what the Faculty ITC of the University of Twente, Enschede, and the Netherlands have to offer. Moreover, we hope to provide some insight into the Dutch (educational) culture. We wish you all the best in your studies and hope you enjoy your time in the Netherlands. Make your stay here a lifetime experience.