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All residents of the Netherlands are obliged by Dutch law to have health insurance

All students from non-EU/EEA students will automatically be insured with the full insurance cover of AON Consulting, The Hague. This insurance is an all-in package, containing health and travel coverage, personal liability, repatriation, legal assistance and home contents coverage.

All EU/EEA students should be aware of the limitations of their own medical insurance in combination with the European Health Card. They are strongly advised to arrange complete insurance for personal liability, luggage, household contents, emergency assistance, accidental death and dismemberment, travel (including fieldwork or internship) which can be arranged by ITC Student Affairs, and when indicated, in combination with the health insurance.

We strongly advise you to read the insurance policy very carefully. Cover for pre-existing medical and psychological conditions including pregnancy, on or before the start date of the insurance policy, is limited but up to a certain level, providing the student is Fit to Study.

Information for

  • Scholarship holders (OKP and international organizations)

    For course participants receiving scholarships from the Dutch government (OKP) or international organizations, ITC arranges a fully comprehensive insurance cover in advance of arrival. This insurance includes general costs of healthcare, personal liability, luggage and travel, household contents, emergency assistance, accidental death, and dismemberment.

    The insurance certificate will be sent to you by one of the Registration Officers through email whilst still in your home country because the short-stay visa to travel to the Netherlands will not be issued unless insurance cover can be shown to the embassy.

  • International course participants

    All non-EU/EEA students will be provided with AON insurance. Please note that other (health) insurance policies may not be accepted in the Netherlands as they do not comply with Dutch regulations.

    Students with an alternative insurance policy that does not provide this coverage are strongly advised to take out additional insurance, which is quite costly compared with the all-in package via ITC. You will receive your insurance policy by e-mail, directly from AON insurance company.

    AON student insurance
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  • European Union citizens

    Course participants from the European Union should apply for a European Health Card in their own country. The cover offered by this insurance card is very limited. They are strongly recommended to use the health insurance of Aon Consulting, The Hague, in combination with the insurance for liability, luggage, household contents, emergency assistance, accidental death, and dismemberment.

    AON student insurance
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  • PhD candidates and international researchers

    For ITC students who are over 30 years old and staying in the Netherlands for more than three years (PhD-students or unpaid international researchers), please check with the ITC Student Affairs Office or the Nuffic website whether your current insurance is still the right one.

    Sometimes (PhD-) students receive letters of CAK (a public organization that checks whether a specific citizen is insured in accordance with Dutch law). Students who receive a letter from CAK, which is usually written in Dutch, should not ignore these letters and call in to see an ITC Student Affairs Officer who can help with filling in the necessary form to prove that the individual is insured in accordance with Dutch law.

    Although it is not obliged by Dutch law, insurance to cover the costs of repatriation and personal liability is strongly recommended.

ITC cannot and will not be held responsible in any way for covering any medical risks, financially or otherwise.

Vaccination certificates

Please bring all vaccination certificates that you have with you. You will need them, should you go on fieldwork or internship outside of Europe. 

Health and Wellbeing

ITC wants you to benefit as much as possible from the education offered. Please inform the ITC Student Affairs & Support Office if any action has to be taken for your health and wellbeing during your stay in the Netherlands. All information will be treated in confidence, according to the Netherlands 'Protection of personal data' law.