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Cost of living

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The following budget is meant as an indication of the budget required annually when studying at the Faculty ITC of the University of Twente. Please note that tuition fees are not included in this budget.


The total cost of living is around € 12,000 per year, excluding tuition fees. This information is meant as an indication of your average annual budget. Costs are subject to change: typographical errors may occur. The following costs are included in this budget:


Your accommodation in the ITC Hotel must be paid one month in advance (first payment upon arrival). Please note that the ITC Hotel accommodation is subsidised. An ITC participant may benefit from the special subsidised student rate, no earlier than three days before the course begins and no longer than three days after the official course closing ceremony. Any stay at the hotel outside these conditions will be charged at a much higher commercial hotel rate.


Insurance costs for EU/EEA students depend on the policies of insurance companies in your home country. EU/EEA students can opt for additional insurance of € 10 - € 25 per month. This insurance covers costs of liability, household contents and luggage, legal aid, and extra costs.


Research support activities

Research support activities, such as fieldwork and site visits related to Master's research, can be a part of your academic programme. Research support activities can take place in the Netherlands or abroad. Restrictions might exist depending on personal scholarship conditions.

The costs of travel, accommodation and costs that are directly research-related can, depending on the research support activities, be paid directly by the faculty or reimbursed, to a maximum amount. Daily subsistence costs during research support activitiesare at the student’s own expense. Continued residence at the ITC International Hotel must, if applicable, be maintained during the research support activities.


The faculty ITC does not provide financial support for internships. The internship coordinator facilitates the set-up of an internship and the contractual agreements. Expense reimbursements or any salaries offered by the internship host are based on personal agreements between the student and the internship host.

Depending on scholarship conditions and restrictions offered by the residence permit, the countries where internships can be done and the financial benefits that can be received will vary.


A notebook (lap-top) purchase programme is offered via the University. The notebook is specially selected to accommodate applications necessary for ITC students. If you opt for a notebook you will be sent an offer by e-mail before the start of the academic year. Students will be offered a notebook payment instalment plan at no extra costs.