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VENI grant for Monika Kuffer

The UT researcher Monika Kuffer receives a Veni grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Dr Kuffer works at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning and Geo-Information Management of Faculty ITC. This VENI grant allows her to work out her own research ideas for three years. Monika Kuffer is developing a machine-learning based framework to map the disadvantaged neighbourhoods in developing countries.

The framework estimates the population of invisible spaces in support of the SDG Slum Indicator. In global south cities, population statistics about poor neighbourhoods are often unavailable or ignore large proportions of poor inhabitants. However, such statistics are urgently needed to support slum improvement, disaster response and health interventions. This research utilizes satellite images, machine-learning and local data to estimate the amount of poor inhabitants.

Also, UT researcher Derya Demirtas (BMS) receives a VENI grant. Derya Demirtas wants to develop a better strategy for the placement of defibrillators (Aeds).

Of the 1151 proposals submitted by NWO 166 have been honoured with a Veni, totalling EUR 41.5 million. VENI's, each 250,000 euro, are intended for young PAS, promoted researchers, as an incentive to develop their own research ideas. The subsidy programme also has Vidi's, for researchers who are already a bit further in their careers, and Vicis, for highly experienced researchers.