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Fourth successive recognition for ITC's master programme

For the fourth time in a row, the master programme Geo-information Science & Earth Observation receives the quality seal 'Top rated programme' in the Keuzegids Masters. The Keuzegids counts as one of the major information sources for future students and is published by independent advisory organization Centrum Hoger Onderwijs Informatie (CHOI).


The seal for 'Top rated programme' is awarded to all programmes with 75 point and above. The score for the geo-information programme is 92, which is exceptionally high for a programme with over 200 students, CHOI stated. Usually, such high scores are only presented to smaller educational programmes.

The score improved from 82 points last year, to 92 point now. Prof.dr. Tom Veldkamp, dean of the faculty: "We are excited about our score and the ongoing appreciation of the students. We remain in the further development of our programme. It is a huge challenge to implement a major change in our programme and, at the same time, keep student appreciation on a high level."


The score of the geo-information programme, which is organized at the ITC Faculty of the University of Twente, is one of the highlight’s of Twente’s excellent scores: The University of Twente may proudly present excellent scores in the new edition of the Keuzegids. Earlier, the University of Twente was announced Best Technical University in the Netherlands for the bachelor programmes, in the Keuzegids for master programmes, the UT has climbed to a second spot in the ranking of all fulltime universities. Eight master programmes received the quality seal 'Top rated programme'.

The average score of the master programmes at the University of Twente has gone up considerably: from 61 points (out of 100) in 2017 to 67.5 in 2018. Therewith, the University of Twente is the strongest climber of all universities. At the overall ranking of fulltime universities, the University of Twente has taken the second spot, right behind Wageningen University (68 points). Compared to the other technical universities, the UT's score is notable: Eindhoven and Delft score 63.5 en 57.5.