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ITC sings two MoU's in Vietnam

On 10 September 2009, ITC has singed Memoranda of Understanding (MoU’s) with two Vietnamese universities to provide a framework for an academic partnership in education and research. The partnerships will enhance the academic skills and research activities in both the universities and it will assist to coordinate the exchange of academic materials, staff exchange and organize joint courses and research activities.

In the morning Prof. Molenaar, Rector of ITC and Prof. Tran Dinh Kien, Rector of HUMG signed the MoU at the Hanoi University of Mining and Geology (HUMG). This partnership will focus on Applied Earth Systems, exploration and geo-engineering and the use of GIS and RS in these fields. On the same day in the afternoon at the Hanoi University of Science (HUS) of the Vietnam National University (VNU), Prof Molenaar and Prof. Bui Duy Cam, rector of HUS signed a similar MoU for cooperation in the field of Land Administration and Geoinformatics. The MoU’s were signed in presence of the “development team” which consist of staff of both universities and ITC.

After signing the MoU, Prof Molenaar said: “These MoU’s opens up a multitude of new opportunities for both, students and staff, especially in the field of research and education in Vietnam and The Netherlands. ITC is pleased to formalise these partnerships which are already active for several years and I anticipate that we will find many more opportunities to work together to provide additional benefits to Vietnamese students and staff of all three institutions (HUMG, HUS and ITC)”.

It is anticipated that in September 2010 a new joint MSc programme course will be offered in Vietnam with branches at HUS in Land Administration (LA) and Geoinformatics (GFM) and at HUMG in Remote sensing for engineering and exploration in Vietnam (ReeV). There will be a clear synergy and joint elements between the three specializations. Several course modules (e.g. GIS, RS and research methodology) will be offered together.
The partners will also offer short courses jointly. In October a first short course on Land Administration is offered in Hanoi with input from Prof vd Molen from ITC and Dr. Huan and Dr. Binh of HUS.