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Library Donation Programme

The ITC faculty has a scientific library with a specialized collection in the field of Geosciences. Its mission is supporting the primary processes (education and research) of ITC by ensuring adequate provision of and efficient end-use access to useful scientific material. This includes also supporting the e-learning programmes, the distance education programmes and the joint educational programmes.

Faculty ITC has started partnerships with reputable qualified educational organizations for the purpose of providing joint educational courses in several countries. Under this arrangement, part of an educational course leading to a recognized ITC academic degree (Master, Master of Science) can be conducted in the student's home country.
At this moment joint educational courses are offered in many countries and the library is involved in most of these joint courses by setting up partnerships with the libraries of the organizations where the joint education programmes are conducted. Libraries are a crucial resource in all academic institutes all over the world, they are vital for the quality of education and research. As part of the cooperation programmes the library has started a book and journal donation program for all its partners.

We now invite you to visit the database of the donations program and select materials that will be useful to your library and it’s users. Please sign up for the RSS feed to keep you updated if new items are being added to the database, we will keep adding materials to the program on a regular basis!

You can access available materials at or via the Faculty Library website